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Udaan 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor going with Kasturi to meet Bhuvan. Imli is on the way with Suraj and smiles seeing him. She recalls his words. He says I know you are thinking about your prize, tell me how did Chakor feel when you caught her. Imli recalls Chakor. He says leave it, I understood, be ready to see your prize. She smiles. Kasturi talks to Chakor about Imli. She says Imli changed a lot, she is scaring villagers with gun. Chakor says don’t worry, if I can get Bhaiya ji on right path, then whats Imli.

Suraj stops the jeep and says this is your prize, chaat with me, come. Imli smiles. Suraj asks her to come, or does she want him to bring chaat for him. she says no, I will come. Suraj gives her chaat and asks her to eat and enjoy. She says I can’t eat before you. He says right, first Raja then Praja. He eats and asks her to start. She eats chaat and says its very nice. He asks her to have it. he goes away and spits the chaat. The servant says great, just 2 rs chaat for Imli to get Chakor. Suraj says I told you, Suraj’s rays do two work, to burn and to shine. He laughs. Imli gets glad and eats chaat.

Vivaan rests in Tejaswini’s lap and says I always miss you, don’t know why everyone bothers me, even Mrs. Rajvanshi comes to show her fake love, today a girl also came, she said she is my friend, childhood friend but I don’t remember her. Tejaswini asks who came. He says she said her name Chakor. Tejaswini gets shocked. He asks do you know her. She asks you are asking me, don’t you know her. Vivaan says no and asks what is she thinking. She says nothing, I don’t know her, I want you to be away from such girls.

Bhaiya ji talks to his enquiry officer and says I know you are coming, I will give you a big treat, find anything you want, I will welcome you, thanks a lot. He ends call and throws phone. Suraj catches the phone and asks what are you doing, you broke three mobiles in 2 days. Bhaiya ji fumes and says give me my phone. Suraj gives him. Bhaiya ji throws phone and breaks it. Suraj laughs. Bhaiya ji asks is this a joke. Suraj says that’s the old broken phone, I saved the 4th phone. Bhaiya ji says you don’t realize my problems, my state. Since Chakor came, I m seeing everything shattering, I did not bend infront of anyone, I m requesting low standard people for special enquiry, don’t you care for my respect and status. Suraj asks him not to worry, let them come, they won’t get anything. Bhaiya ji asks how can you say this confidently. Suraj says this is the problem, you don’t know what your son can do, I will not let anything happen, find the best sports car to gift me, leave everything on me.

Chakor tells Kasturi that I will do all household work, you just rest. She smiles seeing her house. Bhuvan gets glad seeing Chakor. Chakor says Bapu and hugs him. She recalls her childhood. Bhuvan tells Chakor not to risk her life, see our home, we can stay well. Chakor says I m standing here by risking my life, I have come to end Bhaiya ji’s rule. He says you talk very big things, you really grew up, forget this, you might be tired, come with me. He starts the fan and gives her cool water. He asks her to sit on this chair. Chakor looks around. He says I will play tv too. She asks whats all this, all these electronics, does all villagers have this. He says no, its from Imli’s hardwork. Chakor asks Imli’s hardwork, or did Imli sell her soul to Bhaiya ji. Bhuvan asks what are you saying and scolds Kasturi. Kasturi says I did not say Chakor, she is not blind, she can see everything, you and Imli sold your souls which Chakor won’t. He asks Chakor to be happy for Imli, she became their support. He says Imli got fair tickets for us, Kasturi won’t come, but I will go for Imli’s happiness. He goes out and cries. Kasturi asks her to see. Chakor says everything will be fine, I have come. She hugs Kasturi and they smile.

Suraj aims gun at Chakor. Chakor pushes him and says I know to shoot too. Suraj says I m scared, not by you but by someone behind you. Chakor sees Imli behind her, aiming gun at her.

Written Update By Amena


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