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Udaan 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Chakor meeting villagers. Kaki gets glad seeing Chakor and then gets scared of Bhaiya ji. She says I have work and goes. Chakor looks around. Imli keeps the gun. Kasturi looks on. Imli asks her why is she staring like this, she can ask anything she wants. Kasturi is upset seeing her. Imli goes out and Chagan collides. She points gun. He says I m Chagan, put gun dow. She smiles and asks him to open eyes. He says you changed a lot. She says this gun is Lord, see the peace here, I have everything I want. He sees goons troubling villagers and says these are our people, why are you scaring them. She says leave it, tell me, how do I look. He asks her not to joke, I thought you called me to meet Chakor.

She gets angry and asks how do you look. He says you look good, when you make others work in field. Kasturi asks Imli did she get Chakor. Chagan says yes, Suraj sent Imli to get Chakor, and asks Imli to tell everything to Kasturi. He goes. Kasturi asks Imli what is Chagan saying, did you get Imli, where is Chakor. Imli says forget Chakor, she did not come as your daughter, she came as Bhaiya ji’s bandhua, I did my work and got her, Bhaiya ji will now put her to that stable. Kasturi slaps Imli angrily. Kasturi says Chakor is your sister, your blood. She scolds Imli and goes.

Chakor sees the well and recalls the pit where Bhaiya ji was throwing her. She touches the place. Suraj comes and asks her to see it well, its same well where they were burying here 10 years ago, we were still doing same. She says but this did not become grave. He says yes, but it became someone’s grave, you are responsible for this. She asks who. He asks did villagers not tell you, oh, how can they say without my permission. She asks him to say whom they buried here. He says your Dadi. Chakor gets shocked. She recalls Dadi and cries holding her head. Suraj says your Dadi was praising you a lot, saying so much about Chakor, Papa broke her head and buried her here. FB shows that scene.

Suraj says do one thing, stand here and pray for your Dadi’s soul peace, till then I will meet your sister Imli, she will be waiting for me to give her prize of getting you here. He leaves in the jeep.

Vivaan comes to his room and sees Ranjana. He asks what are you doing here. She says I got milk for you. He moves her hand away and refuses. She says I have seen Tejaswini gets milk for you daily. He says Mrs. Kamal Narayan, if you know this, then why did you get milk today. Tejaswini also comes with the milk glass and asks Vivaan why did he not drink milk. He says I would have drank it, but Ranjana’s hand did not touch it. He breaks the milk glass Ranjana is holding and gets angry. Ranjana leaves.

Kasturi calls out Chakor and cries seeing her. Chakor and Kasturi smile recalling the past. They hug and cry. Kasturi says I knew you will come, I m very happy. Chakor cries and says everything changed here, I came very late, I could not save Dadi. Kasturi says you grew up so much in 10 years, that you learnt crying. She says Suraj told half thing, I will tell everything, your Dadi did not die as coward, Dadi insulted Kamal Narayan before dying, don’t cry, we all are proud of your Dadi. Chakor cries. She promises Dadi that her sacrifice won’t go waste, no one will die as bandhua in this village. Kasturi smiles. Chakor says this is my promise. Yeh houslon ki udaan hai……………..plays………….

Bhaiya ji asks Suraj does he not worry for his post. Suraj says you don’t know what I can do, I won’t let anyone point at you. Later at night, Suraj targets Chakor and aims gun at her.

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