Udaan 22nd September 2016 Written Update

Udaan 22nd September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Udaan 22nd September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vivaan thinking how to tell Chakor that I love Imli, not Chakor. Chagan tells Vivaan about Kaki’s love story. They laugh. Vivaan wishes Imli does not go anywhere. He thinks how to tell Imli how much I love her, I wish she understands without my saying. He cries. He thinks of Imli. Agar tum saath ho………..plays…………..

Imli packs her bag. Chakor gives her black thread of Daak baba and says I will tie this to your wrist, this will always protect you. She ties it to Imli’s wrist. She hugs Imli and they cry. Chakor prays that Imli stays happy else I can’t be happy ever. She goes. Imli sees Vivaan’s shirt and hugs it. She cries. Agar tum saath ho…..plays…… She prays that Chakor keeps Vivaan happy, and they both stay happy. Chakor sees Vivaan and her pic and thinks of their love. She hugs his pic and smiles.

Suraj drinks and thinks of Imli. Suraj drives and sees Vivaan on the road. He sees Vivaan crying and thinks I understood what to do when Imli leaves from haveli tomorrow. Vivaan comes home. Imli asks him to keep Chakor happy, live those moments with her. She says I know you are a good man, and will become a good father, I will wait for the good news.

Vivaan thinks if I m so good, why does Imli not love me, why is she leaving me. He says you are really good Imli, I did not see such good person, you kept the unwanted relation so well without thinking about yourself. She thinks why did he not love her then, why did he leave her. He thinks maybe she will stay if I say I love her. She gives divorce papers. He gets shocked. She says I signed on this, you also sign and give to lawyer. He asks do you really want to take divorce from me. She says yes, else how would you marry Chakor. She turns and cries. She gets her bag and says I have to leave now. He hugs her and they cry.

Its morning, Imli takes Ranjana and Tejaswini’s blessings. She thanks Ranjana for accepting her as bahu. Ranjana hugs her to show Vivaan and says I will miss you a lot Imli. Imli says me too… Imli says Chagan, I took decision in hurry, forgive me. He says no, Lucknow is big city, you will be alone, take care. She says yes, you also get some wife to take care of you. They laugh. Bijli cries. Imli asks her not to cry, she will come back in Chakor’s marriage. She asks Chakor to get marriage date fixed soon and hugs her. She asks Chakor to get ready well as she has to meet Vivaan at the shade today. Vivaan asks is it necessary for you to go.

Imli thinks I can’t hide my feelings if I stay here. She asks him to take care of himself and Chakor, and be happy. He thinks how will I be happy without you. Imli asks where is Suraj. Chakor says I did not see him, I will go and find him. Imli says leave it, I will go. Vivaan says I will drop Imli to station. Imli says no need, it will be tough to go, I mean everyone gets sad, I will leave. Suraj comes there. Imli sees him and leaves. Everyone disperse. Chakor asks Vivaan what he had to tell her. He says yes, we will meet at shade after half an hour. Vivaan cries. Suraj says if I did not promised Imli, I would have told Vivaan that Imli loves you, I m seeing you since night, Imli thinks you don’t love her, this is wrong, I will find it out, there is just one way. He cuts his hand by the knife and says this is cure of everyone’s pain.

Imli is on the way with Kasturi and Bhuvan. Kasturi asks Imli to stay back. Bhuvan says let her go, she will feel glad by change. Imli thinks of Vivaan and cries. She wishes her love sacrifice does not get waste.

Suraj stands infront of Vivaan’s car and stops him. Vivaan sees blood over Suraj’s clothes and asks what happened to you. Suraj says Imli met with an accident. Vivaan asks where is she, if anything happens to her, I can’t live. Suraj asks why, tell me. Vivaan shouts because I love Imli.

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