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Udaan 22nd June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suraj going to meet the killer Deva. Deva says my time is precious, show me the money. Suraj gives the money. He gets a call and says I remember, I will reach on time. He tells Deva that he will meet him after work is done. Suraj and Tejaswini dine with Raichand and Tina. Raichand says I will show my factory to Suraj tomorrow. Tina says I will show our house to Suraj. She shows her room to Suraj. Suraj says you made good reason, I know you were bored of your Papa’s business talk, so you got me here. She says yes, you are very smart. He sees some tattoo on her mark and asks about it. She says nothing. He sees Suraj’s name tattoo.

He says you don’t like me, why this tattoo. She says my Papa made me do this. He asks what and laughs, saying your Papa is ahead of me, you are not the first girl who did this, there is one more girl who got my name on her wrist by her wish. He recalls Imli. She says it means that girl loves you, why don’t you marry her, she is not forced like me. He leaves. Tina smiles and calls Chakor. She says Suraj did not doubt on me, it happened as you said. Chakor tells Imli that our first work happened as we planned. Imli gets glad. Imli says why did you write Suraj’s name on Tina’s hand. Chakor asks her not to get jealous, when you become bride and when Suraj sees your hand, he will believe its Tina. They smile.

Chakor and Vivaan see the staircase. She says we should have short stair, so that Tina gets down the wall easily. He says fine, I will change, I got to know Tina will get ready as bride in this room. Tejaswini asks Girja to keep all the necessary things in the room. Chakor and Vivaan get shocked seeing Tejaswini. He throws the ladder. Chakor says what will we answer, why are we here. Tejaswini comes there and sees them romancing. Vivaan holds Chakor close and they smile. Vivaan says sorry, we did not see when you came. Tejaswini says what happened to them, can’t they wait till marriage, then do anything, this is Tina’s room, go from here. They leave. Vivaan holds Chakor’s face. Chakor says Tejaswini is gone, your trick worked. He says I know, some trick is so entertaining. She smiles and says Tejaswini said right, some people can’t wait till wedding, we have to prepare for sangeet, come.

Suraj gets ready in his sherwani. Tejaswini smiles. Ranjana comes there and asks how can Vivaan and Suraj wear same sherwani. Tejaswini says that tailor is our family tailor, you copied us. Suraj asks them not to argue, agreed that my mummy copied design, you also copied decoration designs, don’t start this again, don’t do this drama infront of big people, atleast pretend and show unity. He leaves.

Suraj goes out and calls Prabhakar, asking him to make him call Deva. Vivaan hides the vehicle. Chakor says this is right, no one will know about this, I will go to tailor to get Tina and Imli’s clothes, I said both dress should get same. He says I don’t want you to look tired, its sangeet and mehendi today, I will go to tailor, you prepare for evening, wear something good. They both joke and laugh. Suraj sees them there and looks around. He sees a car hidden and says why did they hide this car here, what are they going to do.

Chagan asks Imli why is she tensed. She says if anything wrong happens, if I get exposed, my and my baby’s future will get ruined, Vivaan and Chakor’s marriage will break, when Suraj knows he got married to me, how will he react. He says I have a plan, I m not asking you to marry me, I have other plan. She asks him to say. He says if you go to jail and meet Bhai ji, if you tell him that you have Suraj’s baby in your womb, he can pressurize Suraj to save his grandchild.

Imli goes to Bhaiya ji and gives this news. Bhaiya ji laughs and asks what, Suraj’s baby, what a joke. She says its truth. He says you are a fool, Suraj is not my son now, why will I care for his baby, what will I do, shall I do aarti or play with him. He asks her to give birth to baby or kill him, I m not related. She gets angry and aims gun at him. He asks constable to come, see this girl, she got gun here, she is pregnant, take her out slowly. She asks him to trust her. He laughs.

Vivaan compliments Imli as she is dressed as a girl today. Chakor laughs. He says whom will I joke then, you are my Saali. Chakor says I forgot Kasturi asked me to get dhol. She asks Imli to try the lahenga and goes. Imli apologizes to Vivaan. He asks for what. She says I did not help you anytime, and always supported Suraj. He says I remember you helped me big time, to free the bandhua kids. She recalls. She regrets for the past. He asks her to forget everything, now its challenge to swap the bride. She says I m scared. He says even I m scared, but we all will make it possible, congrats for getting married to Suraj. He leaves. Deva goes to the cell opposite Bhaiya ji’s cell. He makes noise and irritates Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji scolds him. Deva crushes the metal plate and shows his power.
Deva greets Bhaiya ji and says your son has sent a gift for you. He stabs Bhaiya ji.

Written Update by Amena

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