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Udaan 1st July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suraj saying Chakor did this, she married me and made you marry Imli. Chakor says no, I did not do anything. Vivaan asks then how did this happen. Chakor says I was in my room, and Imli was in Tina’s room. Suraj says you did this, not you accepted. Chakor says yes, I did this, Tina did not love you, Imli loves you, so I made Tina run away, I did not imagine that I will get married to you. Kasturi cries and asks what did you do Chakor. Chakor asks Vivaan to trust her, she does not kow how did this happen. Suraj says it’s a lie, you accepted you swapped the bride, you wanted to marry me and get Vivaan married to Imli, you always wanted to get me, you got a chance and married me today, stop acting and fooling my brother. He asks Vivaan to see, Chakor is a big cheater, she ruined even Imli’s life, she is very clever girl, we both got trapped. Vivaan holds Chakor and asks why did you do this with me and Imli, what harm did we do to you. Chakor cries and says I did not do anything. Suraj says stop shouting, now my fate has ruined, I got married to Chakor, and Vivaan got married to my servant, we have to bear them now. He asks Chakor is she happy now. Chakor holds Vivaan’s hand and says Suraj is lying, don’t trust him, I can cheat myself, but can never cheat you, trust me. Vivaan moves her hand away. He says there is nothing left to trust, fate did not write this horrible story, you wrote this story. Suraj smiles. Vivaan angrily throws his padgi and goes. Kasturi asks Imli whats all this. Tejaswini asks them to take their baraat and leave, unfortunately, Chakor become elder bahu of this house, Suraj and Chakor will decide. Bhuvan asks Kasturi to come, we will cry for both daughter’s bidaai at home. Tejaswini apologizes to guests.

Imli cries and sees Suraj. Suraj asks what are you crying now, your sister did this, she did this intentionally, you know Chakor never fails, you cry now. Imli cries and goes. Suraj laughs. Vivaan goes to his room and cries seeing Chakor’s drawing. He recalls their moments. Chakor comes to him. he asks her how did this happen, did you realize our happiness and dreams got ruined, why did you act to love me if you had to do this, if you said, I would have silently left from your life. She cries.

She asks him to see in her eyes, you think I can ruin your life, think well, your life is mine too, why will I ruin my love, trust me, I did not do anything. He looks at her sindoor and mangalsutra. He says you are saying something, but your sindoor and mangalsutra are of Suraj’s name, this is the truth.

He says you have become someone else’s now. Chakor cries seeing her sindoor. He says this was your plan, no one could change this, no one knew this, I was waiting in mandap, Imli was waiting there in room, who could change the plan except you. She says don’t blame me, I did not do anything, I did not know how did this happen, I don’t know how Imli reached your mandap, I just know I love you a lot, I can’t think of marrying Suraj. He shouts enough, the truth can’t change you are Suraj’s wife. Imli comes and says power and money looks good, you did this for power. Chakor says trust me, I did not do anything. Chakor says I just know you never fail, how did you fail this time.

Imli says I trusted you again and got cheated, why are you taking revenge from me, what did I do, you know I have Suraj’s baby in womb, you snatched my love and my baby’s father’s name too, why, answer me.

Ranjana cries in her room and says I ruined my son’s life with my hands, how could I do this mistake. She says it means Tejaswini and Suraj cheated me, they played a game with me, they did not change the room and bridal clothes, I thought I m stopping the swapping and did the mistake, they used me and made me ruin my son’s life. She cries.

Imli asks Chakor did you do this to get my rights, or snatch our rights. Chakor says how can I explain you two, how can I marry Suraj whom I hate sihce childhood, trust me Vivaan. Ranjana says what would be Chakor going through, no, I will tell this truth to everyone, that its my mistake, it was unintentional, Vivaan is my son, he will understand that I can’t ruin his life, if I don’t say this truth, they will regard Chakor as culprit. Chakor asks Imli to listen. Imli calls her selfish and says you broke our trust and went for your selfish motive, you did the same today, why did you do this, tell me. Imli goes. Chakor cries.

Vivaan asks Chakor to get out, its her wedding night today. Chakor asks him to listen. Ranjana says I will say truth to Vivaan and everything will get fine.

Written Update by Amena

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