Udaan 1st August 2016 Written Update

Udaan 1st August 2016 Written Episode Update


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Udaan 1st August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Vivaan and Imli have a friendly talk. Chakor meets Suraj’s friends. They laugh. Suraj tells Chakor that I told them truth, so they are laughing. Chakor says its good you said truth to someone. Vivaan sees Chakor there and says you are part of Suraj’s party. She says no. He says anyways, you carry on, its your choice. He goes. She says once Vivaan and Imli hear this recording, everything will be fine, they will know Suraj’s truth. She hears recording and smiles, saying everyone will know this truth now.

Its morning, Chakor comes to Vivaan and Imli to make them hear the recording. He asks what are you doing here, you should be with Suraj, not here. Chakor says I told you I will tell truth. Imli says its very late now, are you thinking that I m doing in Vivaan’s room, I m staying with my husband now, do you feel bad. Chakor says I said I will prove that I did not do swapping. Vivaan says I won’t know who did this, the world knows it, leave us alone. Chakor plays the recording. Vivaan and Imli get shocked hearing the recording. Imli cries and says Suraj has cheated me. She rushes to Suraj. Chakor asks her to stop. Vivaan holds Chakor’s hand and stops her.

Vivaan says what did I do, the one I loved so much and believed, I did not trust her, lovers can’t do such big sin, I did such a sin for which I can’t get forgiveness. He holds her and stops himself from hugging her. She says I would have done same being in your place, no need to apologize, I m glad the misunderstanding got cleared and Suraj’s truth is out. He says Suraj played this game, I left you alone. She says I m not alone, your faith is with me, I will go and see Imli, she can do anything in anger. She rushes.

Chakor goes to see Imli. Imli shouts for Suraj. Tejaswini asks her to stop shouting. She scolds Imli. Chakor comes there. Tejaswini says Suraj is not there. Imli goes to her room. Chakor asks her to listen just once and opens the door. Ranajna comes there.

Vivaan asks Chakor about Imli. She says Imli locked herself in room, I m afraid, she gets mad in anger. He fumes and says Chakor.

Suraj comes home whistling. Tejaswini asks him where did he go. He says I went to drop my friends, I had fun. She asks did you say anything to Imli, I think both sisters are planning against you, Imli was talking badly about you. He asks is she mad, maybe Vivaan and Chakor made her against me.

Vivaan claps and says there is no need for us to make Imli against you, we know your truth. Tejaswini asks what. Chakor says that you and Suraj did the swapping. Suraj and Tejaswini get shocked. Suraj asks what nonsense, its always same thing, swapping and all, Chakor accepted that she did swapping. Chakor says truth will come out infront of everyone. She plays recording. Suraj gets shocked.

Imli cries recalling Suraj’s words. Vivaan asks how can you do that bad thing, you knew I loved Chakor a lot, you ruined four lives, even your life. Suraj says yes, I did this, I took revenge, you guys did bad thing by making Tina run away, so I took revenge, it did not get fulfilled till now. He beats Vivaan. Chakor asks Suraj to leave Vivaan. Ranjana calls for help. Tejaswini and Ranjana try to stop Suraj. Suraj holds Vivaan’s neck and suffocates him, saying I will kill Vivaan. Tejaswini goes to Imli and asks her to come, else Suraj will kill Vivaan and she will become widow. Imli opens the door and asks what. Tejaswini asks her to see and do something, stop them.

Chakor and Ranjana ask Suraj to leave Vivaan. Suraj says you guys thought you will make me marry a servant, this can’t happen, I don’t forget and forgive. Imli aims gun at his back and says even I won’t forgive you Suraj. Suraj gets shocked.

Imli says your baby will be born here in this haveli and will be called Rajvanshi, you don’t have right on me and my baby. Chakor says you lost everything today Suraj. Suraj raises hand on her and she holds his hand.

Written Update by Amena

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