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Udaan 17th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Om telling Sultan that there is no one in circus now. He asks Sultan to have food for Chakor’s sake, as she worked hard on him. He says if anything happens to you, she will feel bad. He feeds Chanas to Sultan and smiles seeing Sultan eating. He goes. Sultan hears Chakor shouting. Chakor asks Khasta to leave her. Sultan neighs and gets restless. Khasta says your game is over, now I will show you the result of running away. Sultan gets angry.

Vivaan and Imli take the kids out. A showpiece falls and Bhaiya ji wakes up by the sound. He asks who is there. The kids get tensed and hide. Bhaiya ji asks Imli what are you doing. Imli says sorry, I was cleaning and this fell down. He scolds her and asks her to be careful. He goes. Billu apologizes to Imli as he made it fall. She says its fine. Vivaan asks them to go fast. Vivaan and Imli send them. Vivaan thanks Imli for helping them. She goes. Chakor is caged and sees the joker sharpening the knife. He scolds her and says now I will kill you.

Khasta gets a call and leaves after locking Chakor. Tejaswini asks Ranjana about the necklace and compliments her. Ranjana says it looks good on you to. Tejaswini says everyone knows you are proud of your beauty. Bhaiya ji gets the call and thanks the man. He looks at Ranjana. Tejaswini sees him smiling seeing Ranjana. She asks him why is he seeing Ranjana as if he is seeing her for the first time. He says no, she is really looking beautiful today. He compliments her. Ranjana smiles. Bhaiya ji says Manohar is really lucky to get a wife like Ranjana.

Ranjana thanks him and says you are complimenting me for the first time. Tejaswini says any maid can look a queen wearing such necklace. She says we will start puja. He says no, grains did not come from the villagers. He gets the call and goes. Tejaswini gets angry seeing Ranjana and goes. Ranjana smiles. Sultan gets free and a man holds him. Ronnie and everyone come. Ronnie tries controlling him. Khanna looks on and catch him. Ronnie catches Sultan and takes him. Khanna asks everyone to pack the belongings, they have to leave. Ronnie ties Sultan back. Sultan sees the secret door.

Everyone get some grains to give at haveli. Chagan says see who are coming, and they all turn to see. The kids come running. Everyone smile. Vivaan and all the village kids come to the village. Imli hugs Kasturi. All the kids hug their parents. Bhuvan asks Vivaan how did this happen, how did Bhaiya ji free them. Vivaan says leave all that, first fly the kites till air is strong. Bhuvan says you are saying right. They all fly kites with their children. Vivaan smiles.

Bhaiya ji waits for villagers. Tejaswini says we will do puja, why are we waiting for villagers’ grains, they don’t have anything. He says no, they are our bandhua, its tradition that we don’t do puja till we don’t get grains from villagers, if they don’t come, we will go there. He leaves. Ranjana thinks villagers will be celebrating, as Vivaan helped the kids.

Khasta comes out and hides the secret door. He smiles and sees Khanna and Vishaka’s pic. Khanna asks the workers to pack bags soon. He asks Khasta where did you go, we are leaving now, go and help everyone in loading the things, else I will not give you salary. Khasta says Chakor will be doing something if I leave her alone, and says I have to go to plan a party. He says its last day, its your and Vishaka’s marriage anniversary too. Megha says yes, congrats. Khanna says this is not time to party. Ronnie says yes, celebration should be there. Vishaka asks Khanna to agree if all staff is saying, don’t know where we will meet them. Khanna agrees.

Khasta thinks he will get time to kill Chakor. The villagers fly kites and are happy. Bhaiya ji comes there and sees the kites. He wonders who are flying the kites and goes to see. He gets angry seeing the villagers flying kites with their children.

Bhaiya ji gets the hunter and Imli hides. He gets angry and all villagers get scared of him. They all leave the kite threads and get worried. Chakor shouts for help and thinks what to do. She sees a whistle and smiles. She tries to get the whistle. Manohar asks where is everyone and calls out Vivaan. He says we will go on terrace, its best time to fly kite. Tejaswini says let Bhaiya ji come. Ranjana says it will be late. Tejaswini says Bhaiya ji controls the wind in Aazaadgunj, where is Vivaan, he flies kite first. Ranjana says he is flying kites with his friends.

Bhaiya ji brings Vivaan home. Vivaan says leave me and calls out mummy. Ranjana and everyone hear him. Bhaiya ji drags Vivaan. Ranjana gets shocked. She says leave my son, what did he do. Manohar asks what happened. Bhaiya ji says he has done a big work today, he should be punished, your son has freed the bandhua kids. Manohar gets shocked. Bhaiya ji says Suraj will punish Vivaan. Suraj smiles. Bhaiya ji asks what will be Vivaan’s punishment. Suraj says he will get same punishment what bandhua kids get, he should be punished more. He slaps Vivaan. Ranjana gets angry and shouts Suraj.. Manohar stops Ranjana. Everyone get shocked. Suraj sends Vivaan with the bandhua kids. Vivaan asks Ranjana to save him. Ram Singh takes him to lock him with bandhua kids.

Manohar asks Ranjana to be quiet. Bhaiya ji says great. Ranjana asks Manohar does he not have any shame. Tejaswini smiles hearing their arguments. Manohar says Vivaan did wrong, just Vivaan and I are wrong in this house, one day I will leave this house and never come back. He cries and says I want to get free. He goes. Tejaswini says you helped Vivaan in freeing the kids, and taunts Ranjana. Ronnie puts Sultan in the truck. Everyone do decorations for the party. Ronnie asks Khasta where are you going. Khasta says I will bring music system. Ronnie says its already there. Khasta says yes. Megha asks Khanna and Vishaka to cut cake. Ronnie says whats the hurry, first we will dance and then cut the cake. Everyone sing and dance. Om sits sad and recalls Chakor. He sees Sultan restless and asks is there something Sultan wants to say. He frees Sultan and lets him go. Sultan gets down the truck and runs. Om looks on. Chakor gets the whistle using the string.

Khasta takes the cake knife and smiles. Ranjana asks Manohar how can he let this happen with Vivaan, how can he see all this, Vivaan is with bandhua kids. She cries and says bring my son back. Manohar says my son is helping the bandhua kids, why did he free those kids, he did big mistake that he has gone against Bhaiya ji, I have always obeyed Bhaiya ji, and Vivaan is such a small kid, will he go against Bhaiya ji, let him be with bandhua kids, he will get sense like me some day. He cries.

Ranjana says you are a bad father, Suraj insulted Vivaan like your elder brother insults you, why do you want your son to face humiliation, Vivaan is facing this because of you. Manohar gets angry and slaps her. She gets angry. He asks her to shut up and shouts. Chakor whistles. Khasta comes and says whistling won’t help Chakor. He proceeds to kill Chakor and opens the lock. Sultan comes there and hears Chakor screaming. Chakor kicks the joker and he falls down. Sultan jumps on the hidden passage. Chakor whistles to call Sultan there and says I m here Sultan. Sultan jumps and breaks the secret door. He comes inside. Chakor smiles seeing Sultan. Khasta looks on shocked. Chakor jumps happily. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai………….plays…………..

Khasta puts the place on fire and says Chakor will die now. Chakor tells Sultan that she has to catch that killer. Sultan breaks the door and Chakor comes out. Everyone get glad. Khasta gets shocked.

Written Update By Amena


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