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Udaan 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Chakor saying I will win in this marathon and Kamal Narayan will fail. An inspector is getting beaten up in the police station. Suraj reads the news and asks the men to say, will 501 girl will win the marathon or not. Inspector shouts for help. Suraj says I told you to obey me, and asks his man will 501 girl win marathon. Inspector says she will win. Suraj asks really, how do you know. Inspector says I m just guessing. Suraj threatens him and asks the men to break inspector’s legs. Inspector says someone help me, leave me. Suraj says stop, I have better idea, and cuts inspector’s tongue. He says now its fine and cleans the blood off the knife. He signs the man to go. The man brings the mirror. Suraj cleans his face and says this uniform suits me, but Suraj Rajvanshi doesn’t need this uniform to maintain my rule.

The reporter is following the 501 girl and has hope that he will meet her in this race. Chakor exercises and recalls Bhaiya ji. She recalls Arjun’s words and the tortures done by Bhaiya ji. Ranjana makes Bhaiya ji ready and shows his new look in mirror. He smiles. She says now you look sports minister. He says tell me truly, I m suiting you right. She says yes and hugs him. Suraj comes there and sees them. He says I came to tell Papa that inspector will not interfere now. Bhaiya ji says I knew this, you are my son. He asks what are you wearing Suraj, you have to come with me in oath taking ceremony. Suraj says you mean to say I m not looking smart in these clothes, my mummy chose this for me. Bhaiya ji says your mummy….. Suraj stops Bhaiya ji and says leave it, you listen to Ranjana and wear her choice of clothes, I m fine this way. Bhaiya ji says fine, I don’t want to annoy my prince, reach there on time. Suraj touches Ranjana’s feet and takes her blessings. He leaves.

Chagan brings cable antenna to show the race to Bhuvan and everyone. Bhuvan says I will tell Imli to get big tv for me. He is glad to have such daughter, she works a lot for all of us. Ranjana tells Bhaiya ji that Suraj makes fun of me and you don’t say anything. Bhaiya ji says you are mistaken, Suraj loves and respects you, all kids have grown up, its not good to scold them in this age. She asks him to take Vivaan with him. He says your son does not even talk to me, don’t feel bad. I m seeing this since 10 years, Vivaan stays in his room and does not talk, he just says he is hurt by our marriage. He goes. Tejaswini taunts Ranjana and says my son is the real heir of this haveli, who loves his mother, that’s me. Ranjana says whatever, Kamal Narayan is still in my control.

Bhaiya ji tells Suraj that this is a big day. Suraj says this is not a big day, more bigger days will come. Bhaiya ji says great, come. They leave. Bhuvan goes to Kasturi hearing her cough. Kasturi makes food by blowing fire. Bhuvan asks her to come out and see the tv, Chagan told about some girl 501, she won many races and did not take prize, come and see. She says I don’t want to come, you go and see. He says don’t know when will you understand and goes.

Bhaiya ji reaches the event venue with Suraj and Rannjana. He introduces Ranjana and Suraj. Minister congratulates Bhaiya ji. The minister tells Bhaiya ji about the 501 girl racing winner, everyone is wishing to meet her, she has become big star. Bhaiya ji thinks who is this star. The Mumbai marathon starts. Chakor looks on. Bhaiya ji says it’s a golden day of my life. Chakor says this race will take me to Aazaadgunj.

Chakor tells everyone that she is Chakor and she is Kamal Narayan’s bandhua, he gave her this bandhua stamp, this is her identity. Bhaiya ji is stopped from taking the oath.

Written Update By Amena


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