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Udaan 15th October 2015 Written Update

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Bhaiya ji saying who will save Kasturi from the dog now. Chakor hears the dog barking and goes out to see. The dog runs towards Kasturi. Chakor gets tensed and runs to save Kasturi. Chakor takes the meat from Kasturi’s lap and throws it away. Bhuvan looks at her. Chakor hugs Kasturi and says Maai…. Kasturi feels Chakor and says they all have killed Chakor. She says she will not leave them alive. She does not recognize Chakor. Bhuvan scolds Chakor and asks why did she throw Kasturi’s food. He raises hand to slap her. Amma holds his hand and asks did he go mad, he can’t even touch her Choka. She takes Chakor.

Bhaiya ji asks Bhuvan to take his wife and go home. Bhuvan thanks him and goes. Chakor gets sad seeing their state. She prays that she wanted to become Chakor and save them. Amma asks Bhaiya ji whats happening. Bhaiya ji says bandhua did drama daily by drinking, you keep yourself away from these things. Amma asks Chakor to manage herself. Bhuvan gets Kasturi back in village by pulling the chains. He says I told you not to do this, now I will tie you here. The villagers look on and cry. Imli hugs Kasturi and smiles.

Kasturi asks where is my Chakor, they have killed her and cries. Bhuvan is drunk and scolds her. Dadi stops Bhuvan and asks is he not ashamed, how did he drink. Bhuvan lost his senses and says this is magical medicine, it got my pain away. Lakhan gets shocked seeing him drunk. He explains Bhuvan that he became bandhua from servant, and Bhuvan has become a servant from bandhua now.

Amma pacifies Chakor and asks her not to worry, every little thing will be fantastic, her dad and mom can get fantastic. Chakor says I have to meet up with my mum. Amma states no, you could’t go now. She claims Kasturi will usually appreciate you. Chakor sees Vivaan and goes to him. Vivaan does not talk with her which is upset. He leaves and would not listen to her. Amma claims he has lost his voice observing Chakor drying, He’s in shock. Chakor will get stunned. She sees Vivaan’s portray, of the chook caged. She gets sad. Dheere dheere…………….plays…………..

She remembers Vivaan and their friendship. She sees Bapu’s pic and prays to him for strength, expressing she has to aid her mothers and fathers, get Vivaan’s voice back and confirm Bhaiya ji Incorrect infront of Amma. She lights diya and prays. She suggests I have to no cost many of the villagers. Yeh houslon ki udaan hai……………plays……….. She says she has To accomplish this as Choka.

She applies the tilak and Baa will come there. Chakor says I m Choka. Baa claims your confront seems to be equivalent, wherever did I see you. Choka suggests I m from Mumbai. Chakor thinks Baa is figuring out her and she should be cautious now. Baa seems at her.

Chakor goes to meet Kasturi at night and sees her sleeping. She hugs Kasturi and asks her to detect her. Kasturi wakes up and sees Chakor.

Written Update By Sahir


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