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Udaan 14th October 2015 Written Update

Amma calling out Chakor. Sunny tries to tell Amma that they have got Chakram Choka here and signs her not to tell anything. She asks Choka to hug Amma. Amma cries and hugs Chakor happily. Bhaiya ji tells Nayantara that Bhuvan got drunk as he is worried. He asks Nayantara to take her namesake kids inside home and give them food. Tamasha asks Amma why is he calling you Nayantara. Amma says its my old name, I came to know that Bhaiya ji is my elder brother. Chakor and they all get shocked. Amma asks them to come. Chakor looks at Bhuvan.

Soham looks at the haveli and says its such a grand one. Bhaiya ji asks what. Soham says I have seen such grand haveli for the first time. Bhuvan says I did as Bhaiya ji said, and asks him to make him meet Kasturi. He cries. Bhaiya ji calls the man to get Kasturi back. The man says we have to take Kasturi back to haveli. Chakor tells Amma what Bhaiya ji did in Mumbai, he has bribed jailer to kill Chakor. Amma does not believe this and says my brother can’t do this, he is my blood. Chakor says I told you before that Bhaiya ji is with Vaibhavi, you are saying this as Bhaiya ji called you sister infront of everyone, why did Bhaiya ji make Bhuvan drink wine, my dad never touches wine.

Amma says no Chakor, your dad is in pain. Chakor asks are you Bhaiya ji’s real sister, if so, how did you go Mumbai, you don’t remember anything what happened in past, why don’t you ask him about this, its also Bhaiya ji behind this. Amma says enough, I won’t hear anything now. Bhaiya ji gets Kasturi back and talks to Bhuvan. He says my dog will compete with you and asks Bhuvan to bark for him.

Bhuvan barks and Bhaiya ji laughs. Kasturi is brought there. Bhuvan gets relieved seeing her. Bhaiya ji says Kasturi is in chains, take her like that, else if she runs, I m not responsible. Bhuvan thanks him. He says Kasturi did not eat anything, give some food. Bhaiya ji says fine, and throws meat in her lap. He beats Bhuvan and asks him to crawl and go like a dog. Bhaiya ji leaves the dog. The dog eats the meat and Bhuvan asks the dog to give the food back, which was for his wife. Bhaiya ji says dog fight and laughs.

Amma says I got my identity after many years. She says she got her family now and is happy. She says she is glad seeing Chakor happy. Sunny says fine, we are happy in Amma’s happiness. Soham says we have a big haveli here, I did not see such things before. He jumps on the bed and is happy. Chakor says I don’t want to take Amma’s happiness, but I will prove Bhaiya is in wrong, promise me you will not tell Bhaiya ji that I m Chakor. Amma promises her. Chakor asks Amma to tell her about her family. Amma says calm down, everything will be fine, else everyone will know you are Chakor. She tells everything what happened. She says she asked Bhaiya ji to free Kasturi and he agreed, now tell me is he not good man.

Bhaiya ji laughs and Tejaswini asks him did he like to get canine yet again. He states Indeed, and taunts on her. She jokes on his workds on have faith in and taunts him. Bhaiya ji argues with her and claims globe is round, I don’t imagine this, globe is like square, don’t you think you may have seen this before some many years before, I used to be sitting below, Sheru was in this article As well as in similar way I have thrown meat toward Chakor, and Kasturi saved her, nowadays the real difference is Kasturi is on the ground, daughter is useless. He laughs and states daughter will not occur to save mom, who will save Kasturi then. He throws meat in Kasturi’s lap again and sends the dog. Kasturi cries.

Chakor lights diya that she has to produce Kasturi fantastic, get Vivaan’s voice again and produce real truth out in Amma’s eyes and prays to receive braveness to do all this stuff.

Written Update By Sahir


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