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Udaan 13th October 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji laughing. Tejaswini gets shocked. She goes to him and he scolds her. She says you are alive, I m very lucky that I can see you, I m very happy. He says lie…..you would have prayed for my death, you wanted to own this haveli, get lost. She says no, someone has filled your ears against me, I did not wish bad for you, me and my son Suraj missed you a lot. He asks who, your son, who planned to kill me, its good I got saved. She says no, this is lie, no son can think to kill his father. Bhaiya ji says Suraj did this, you gave birth to a bad son. She says no, it’s a lie. Ranjana asks her to stop acting, I know you and Suraj did it.

She asks Ragini to settle scores with Tejaswini. Ragini recalls how Tejaswini has beaten her in childhood. Suraj says I can’t believe my men left Bhaiya ji alive. Vivaan says so you have sent men to kill Bhaiya ji. Suraj says yes, he has also sent goons to kill me, if you all did not come on time, I would have died that day.

Chakor says that’s why Bhaiya ji said that. Vivaan says think how will we go out and get saved. Chakor says Bhaiya ji came out so easily out of jail, he trapped us, he can’t do this planning inside jail, someone helped him. Imli says I think someone from haveli helped him. Suraj says we will know it, I will kill that person. Chakor says we don’t know where are we. Vivaan says our hands are tied, your neck has rope, we can’t do anything, Suraj don’t lose and stand, Lord will send someone. Imli says maybe Kasturi and Bhuvan will come finding us. Suraj says mummy will be finding me. Vivaan says yes, my mummy may also come. Chakor says no one will come, Bhaiya ji won’t let anyone come.

Ragini beats Tejaswini with the hunter. Tejaswini asks Bhaiya ji to save her. Ragini asks Tejaswini to recall that innocent girl, whose mistake was nothing, you used to beat me to take revenge for your husband’s cheat. Bhaiya ji and Ranjana hear Tejaswini’s screams and do aarti. Ragini says see how time changed, and beats Tejaswini more. Tejaswini calls out Suraj. Ragini says Suraj is getting punished, how will he come to save you. Tejaswini asks where is my son, tell me. Ragini says I will show you and locks her in room.

Bhaiya ji prays to Lord and says I will make everyone in Aazaadgunj scream. Ranjana smiles. Its night, Suraj and Vivaan get tired bearing Imli and Chakor’s weight on their shoulders. Ragini says I got to know they did not lose till now. Bhaiya ji says they will lose, no one could win from death and no one can win. Chakor thinks who can support Bhaiya ji in this plan. She recalls Ragini. She says Ragini has helped Bhaiya ji, I told this before, I have seen Ragini going to meet Bhaiya ji at Sitapur jail.

Vivaan asks why will Ragini do this, she loves us. Imli says yes, she did good for us and villagers. Suraj says maybe she was acting, she does not like me and mummy. Vivaan says we should not doubt on Ragini without any proof, stop talking now, save energy. Imli asks Vivaan and Suraj not to move, else Chakor and she will get hanged. Vivaan asks Suraj to stand well. Suraj says you look weaker than me. Vivaan says I m fine, nothing should happen to Imli.

Imli says Ragini can stop haveli people, but Kasturi and Bhuvan will come to us. Bhuvan and Kasturi worry for Chakor and Imli. Chagan comes and says Chakor, Imli and Vivaan are missing, I will call Suraj. He calls Suraj and says Suraj is not answering. Kasturi says I don’t feel right, they are in some problem, we will find them. Bhuvan agrees and says how can we leave two daughters out of home, come, take torch. They leave.

Vivaan says I want some water and moves. Chakor shouts Vivaan. He stops. Imli says someone give water to Vivaan. Suraj says we all are thirsty. Vivaan says maybe Kasturi and Bhuvan are finding us. Chakor says how will they know we are locked here, we should shout for help. Villagers look for them. They all shout for help. Kasturi says I m scared, don’t know where did Chakor and Imli went. Bhuvan says nothing will happen to them. Chagan says I can see a godown there. Vivaan coughs. They get tired by shouting. Chagan says we should check there. Ragini comes and stops them. She says Bhuvan is saying right, nothing happened to anyone, I just came and got this news.

Kasturi says we have to find them. Ragini says I know where they went, Imli called me and said they are ging to see mountains. Kasturi says Chakor never does this, she can’t go without telling us. Ragini asks them to go home and sleep, I promise I will take you there in morning if they don’t come. Kasturi says fine and they all leave. Suraj says no one is going to come. Bhaiya ji asks pandit to come. He asks him to prepare to do final rites of either Chakor or Imli, as one of them will be dying tomorrow, or maybe they both die. Ranjana smiles. Bhaiya ji says they are Rajvanshi family bahus, and I want their final rites to happen as per our family rituals. Pandit gets shaken up. Suraj asks Imli is she fine, we will not lose. Pandit leaves. Bhaiya ji tells Ranjana to arrange good food, we will make villagers have good food, then they will pray for Chakor and Imli’s soul peace, we don’t have much time.

Ragini says I think it will need more time, I got to know Suraj and Vivaan have burden on their shoulders. Bhaiya ji says they have Rajvanshi family blood, they have courage and power, both girls will think the princes of the haveli did a lot to save them, good news will come till morning. Ranjana says I want Chakor to die first.

Imli says when Chakor and I were young, we got stuck in a pipe, Chakor made me feel strong. Chakor and Imli sing hum ko mann ki shakti dena….Suraj and Vivaan also sing. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…………..plays…………… Chakor says Bhaiya ji said if Imli or me die, the other three will survive. Vivaan says yes, but we will not do this. Chakor says what will we do, I can’t see my sister dying, so I decided, I will die, and you three will get out of here. They all get shocked. Vivaan and Imli ask Chakor not to be mad. Suraj says no need to do herogiri, we will fight with Bhaiya ji and death. Chakor says don’t argue with me, do as I say, let me die and you three go out. She pushes Vivaan down. Suraj and Imli shout Chakor. Vivaan falls away. Imli asks Suraj to save Chakor. Suraj says I can’t go, you will hang. Imli says I will bear it, you save her. Suraj and Imli ask Vivaan to get up fast. Vivaan sees Chakor hanging and shouts Chakor no…… He goes back and takes her feet on his shoulders.

Imli asks Chakor are you fine. Vivaan asks are you mad. Chakor asks why did you save me, its good one dies, you all would have got saved. Vivaan says I would have blamed myself for your death. Suraj says if you die Chakor, whom will I fight with, my life will have no fun. Vivaan asks will Bhaiya ji leave us if you die. Chakor says you will get time to fight with Bhaiya ji. Suraj says I know my father well. Vivaan asks Chakor not to try this again. Imli says I will also push Suraj and die, if you do this. Suraj says I know someone will come in morning, else Bhaiya ji will come to see us, have courage, we can’t lose so soon.

Bhaiya ji says I have made them stand in that manner, Suraj will move and not care for Imli, and then Vivaan will move seeing Imli dead, then Chakor will die. He laughs. Vivaan says water…. Chakor and Imli fall weak. Vivaan says I don’t know how long can I bear all this. Chakor thinks to encourage them. She says we can’t die like rats, we will try once to open our hands, maybe rope gets loose and opens. Imli says I have no way. Suraj asks Chakor does she not have any way to get saved. Chakor says no and cries.

Bhaiya ji comes to meet them and says great its 24 hours and all four of you are alive, we will play second round of game with our partner. They all get shocked seeing Ragini.

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