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Udaan 13th October 2015 Written Update

Kasturi seeing a temple and going there. Chakor’s chunri flies and she stops the van. She runs to get the chunri which flies and goes near the temple. Chakor goes there and takes the chunri. She prays in the temple for Kasturi’s well being. Kasturi comes there and gets shocked seeing Chakor. She smiles. Bhagya, Baa and everyone do the puja at haveli. Nayantara does not give Prasad to Baa. Tejaswini refuses for Prasad saying she is allergic to jaggery. Nayantara stops her and asks her not to refuse Prasad.

Baa asks for Prasad. Nayantara stays annoyed. Baa says I know you don’t want to talk to me, fine you can hate me, you think Bhaiya ji is your protector, its good. She asks her to save Kasturi by telling Bhaiya ji, then maybe Chakor’s soul will get peace. Nayantara says fine, I will tell him and gives prasad to Baa. Kasturi goes to Chakor and forwards hand to hold her. She smiles. The mental hospital staff takes away Kasturi. Chakor turns to see and misses to see her. Soham asks Chakor to come with them, they have to go Azaadgunj.

Kasturi asks them to leave her. She is taken in the van. Bhaiya ji recalls how Kasturi has shot him with a stone. Nayantara comes to talk to him. She says I don’t know our relation in our past, but I have a request, don’t send Kasturi to mental hospital, do this favor on me. He asks what are you saying, favor? You are my sister and it won’t be a favor. The servant says Bhuvan has come to meet you. Bhaiya ji says I will do what I can, whatever I do is for people’s good, but people misunderstand me, I m not that bad person. He goes. She gets thinking.

Bhuvan cries and begs to Bhaiya ji to leave Kasturi as she has got punished. He says I will do as you say, I m your servant, call Kasturi back. Bhaiya ji gets the wine and asks him to drink it to get Kasturi back. They laugh on Bhuvan and make him drink the wine forcibly. Bhuvan recalls Kasturi and coughs drinking it. Bhaiya ji asks him to drink again and forces him. He laughs on Bhuvan. Chakor comes there with her Tapori gang. She gets shocked seeing Bhaiya ji torturing Bhuvan.

She thinks where is Kasturi. Soham tells the guard that he has to go inside. Sunny says we came from Mumbai. Tamasha says we are big people. Bhaiya ji says kick them out. Bhuvan drinks wine to save Kasturi.

Chakor recollects Rocky’s phrases and thinks why is Bhaiya ji building dad try this. Bhuvan falls down. Chakor claims my identify is Choka, I have to meet Amma and scolds Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji pushes her and asks guards to toss them out. Nayantara will come and asks guards not to the touch them. She claims they are my Youngsters. Bhaiya ji asks what. Nayantara claims my adopted a few children. Bhuvan asks Choka that’s he, who has produced his bottle slide. Amma sees Chakor and suggests Chakor….. Bhaiya ji seems to be at Chakor. Chakor will get shocked.

Bhaiya ji throws meat in Kasturi’s lap and sends dog. He suggests Chakor is not below to avoid wasting Kasturi, who will preserve her now. Bhuvan looks on concerned.

Written Update By Sahir


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