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Udaan 13th June 2015 Written Update By Prince

Udaan 13th June 2015 Written Episode

The Episode commences with Bhaiya ji seeing the vehicle. Every person cover. Bhaiya ji will get Bhagya’s dupatta and says They can be right here. Arjun asks them to operate. He asks Bhagya to operate and demonstrates the method. Chakor states Bhagya is sitting considering that her birth so you are inquiring her to run like winner. Arjun says great, sit listed here till we have been caught. Bhaiya ji says they’ve got gone by walk. They hear the mass relationship announcement. Abha gets an concept and claims we don’t ought to run any place, lets head to temple, Bhaiya ji’s goons will catch us here, We’re going to hide in the group.

Lakhan says all of them operate. Bhaiya ji slaps him and says everyone is with Bhagya, they all are clever, and most of all is Chakor. They hear the band bajaa sound, and says they might have concealed within the village, appear. Chakor suggests Bhaiya ji can occur right here also. Bhagya retains Arjun’s shirt and everyone look on. Abha smiles. Bhagya claims Arjun Sir. Chakor claims you might be holding him just as if he has Remedy of anything. Bhagya says she likes him.

A pandit will come and asks can he assist them. Chakor reveals Bhaiya ji’s vehicle. Abha says she must get Arjun and Bhagya married, and they get shocked. Arjun states what. Abha states don’t stress, pandit ji is not going to notify everyone. Abha suggests Woman is from rich relatives and person is weak, her relatives is towards their marriage. The pandit claims its pure relation. Abha claims if her mom and dad occur.. He states let them arrive, I will not likely allow them to know. Chakor asks Arjun to come, else They are going to be caught. Arjun asks Exactly what are they performing. Chakor makes Bhagya ready being a bride and asks her not to work as Devi. Bhagya smiles. Abha asks Chakor to cover her confront with chunri and bring her. Aditya tends to make Arjun ready for a groom. Abha will come and Arjun asks Is that this vital. Abha states they all will likely be killed by Bhaiya ji Should they be caught and they must pray that Ishwar receives proof in opposition to Bhaiya ji. She convinces Arjun.

Vishnu suggests they did not get papers. Ranjana states she took threat by creating duplicate keys. Ishwar asks her to say whenever they find any corner in haveli in which Bhaiya ji can disguise papers. She suggests no, this haveli is fullof egocentric men and women, so I choose to stay in Lucknow. Baa cleans some textbooks and talks to Bapu. She gets flashes and her memory returns. She many thanks Bapu. Bhagya holds Arjun’s sherwani and Chakor teases him. She states They give the impression of being Superb. The goons will come there and they get tensed.

Baa helps Ishwar and Ranjana and shows them the secret passage under the Lord idol, where Bhaiya ji hides his sin accounts.


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