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Udaan 13th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suraj showing the knife with Imli’s fingerprints and pics. FB shows Tejaswini asking Imli to pass the knife. Imli holds that knife and gives her. FB ends. Suraj tells Chakor that Imli will go to jail because of you. Inspector asks Imli did she meet Bhaiya ji. She says yes, there was some problem and I went to talk. He shows her video of Imli aiming gun at Bhaiya ji. She says I just aimed, I did not shoot him. He says its crime to threaten someone, you can land in jail. She worries.

Kasturi and Bhuvan have food. She says once our daughters come back, it will be good. Kishor informs them that police took Imli to station. They get shocked and rush. Suraj asks Chakor whats her decision, will she be his wife and save Imli or not. Chakor says Imli did not kill Bhaiya ji, you killed him. Suraj says I was thinking why you did not understand this, I killed him, I mean I got him killed by a man, by paying money. She asks how can you do this, he was your father. He says I can do, as he has set goons to kill me, I would have died that day, did you get answer, I have same question, shall I give this knife to police station, whose freedom do you want, Chakor or Imli, time is over, I will regret for Imli’s young death. She stops him. She says I will refuse to take divorce. He says good decision, now nothing will happen to your sister. She says nothing should happen to Imli. He assures her that Imli will be free and you will be trapped. She cries.

Bhuvan and Kasturi go to police station. They meet Imli and Vivaan. They ask Vivaan what did Imli do. Vivaan says nothing, police asked few questions, we are going home now. Imli says yes, they asked me to leave. Kasturi thanks Lord. Vivaan says we will go, Chakor is waiting and calling many times. Chakor waits for them and cries. Suraj says Imli will come back. Imli and Vivaan come home. Chakor hugs Imli and cries.

Imli says I m fine. Chakor asks what did they ask. Imli sees Suraj, and says they asked me why did I meet Bhaiya ji in jail. Vivaan and Chakor ask her why did she meet Bhaiya ji, what was the matter. Imli says I had to tell Bhaiya ji that I have Suraj’s baby in my womb, I thought he would help me, but he started laughing on me, I got angry and aimed gun at him. Chakor asks how can you do this, you felt Bhaiya ji will accept you as bahu. Vivaan says its good they have no proof. Chakor recalls Suraj’s words. Suraj says it means Imli did not kill my Papa. Vivaan asks Imli to go and freshen up. Suraj stops Chakor and says I saved Imli, now its your turn.

Chakor asks Suraj why is he doing this, what will he get, he made Imli pregnant and married Chakor. She says marriage is bond of love, we hate each other. He says so what, we are different, we hate each other and stay together. She asks whats your benefit. He says I will say that later, you tell me, did I want to marry you, you were marrying Vivaan, I did not stop you and Vivaan, I was marrying Tina and you made Tina run, you made Imli sit, you are blaming me, whose mistake is it, who should get punished, I lost treasure by not marrying Tina, I will get that from you. She asks what do I have.

He says you have name, fame, beauty, I will get name being with you, you are famous, I will use your name and identity, you are lottery ticket for me, I m not big fool to free a golden egg laying hen, I will become your manager, you will do what I want, I will say what is profit for me, you did not attend programs where you were called as special guest, get habit to change, many things will change now, you will earn money for me, you will become fame stairs for me. She cries. Suraj laughs and goes. She stops him and says you did not think when people know you forced me to keep me as your wife, they will hate you. He says this won’t happen, no one will know anything, it will be limited to room.

Its morning, Ranjana says its good Imli is innocent. Chakor sees maid getting her bags. Suraj says I got his here, you won’t stay here after divorce and you will go to your parents house, I called lawyer, I want freedom soon. She thinks Suraj is doing this drama infront of Vivaan and Imli. Vivaan and Imli smile. Vivaan says I m glad that you are also eager for divorce, I will get papers. He gives papers to Suraj. Suraj signs on it and smiles. He says I freed my 13 day wife, now its Chakor’s turn, sign and you can live with anyone you want. Chakor refuses to sign. Vivaan, Imli and Ranjana get shocked. Chakor says I don’t want divorce from Suraj.

Vivaan asks Chakor why did she change her decision. Chakor says I love Suraj. Imli slaps her.

Written Update by Amena

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