Udaan 11th October 2016 Written Update

Udaan 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update


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Udaan 11th October 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chakor dancing on the stage. Aaja nachle….plays…… Imli sees Vivaan smiling and clapping for Chakor. She thinks he did not see my dance and enjoying Chakor’s dance. She cries. Imli goes to the stage and dances with Chakor. Vivaan says what is Imli doing there. Suraj says it will be fun now, lets see who dances better between Chakor and Imli. Imli’s ghungroo beads break and Chakor gets hurt by stepping on it. She shouts Imli and Suraj runs to hold her. Everyone get shocked. Kasturi asks Chakor are you fine. Chakor says I m fine. Imli thinks I was doing big sin today, Chakor thinks good for everyone, how could I think bad for her. She apologizes to Chakor. Chakor says its not your mistake, I m fine.

Chagan says Chakor is fine, we will take program ahead. Kasturi says ghungroo can make wound deep, show me wound. Chakor says no, I m fine. Bhuvan and Kasturi say we will not go anywhere. Kasturi says fine, call me if needed. Chakor says Imli is with me. Chakor says Imli, you made my dance better, you danced so well. Vivaan says yes, I was shocked seeing her on stage suddenly. Imli says I wanted to dance with her, I recalled childhood days. Chakor thanks Suraj for saving her from fall. Suraj says I saved you so that your hand does not break, else you would get reason that you can’t sign, sign on divorce papers, I have work. Imli asks him to see Chakor’s state, she will not sign. She throws the papers. He leaves.

Vivaan says Imli you danced well. Chakor says I told you, Imli will win. Imli thinks they both love me and I was thinking wrong. She hugs Chakor and cries. Vivaan goes. Imli says I love you a lot, if anything happened to you, I would have not forgiven myself. Chakor says nothing happened. They think where did Vivaan go. Imli goes to see.

Ranjana brings Bhaiya ji to Ragini. She cuts her finger and does his tilak. He praises her. She makes him wear the garlands. He says I want to see the gift first. She gets the inspector who slapped him. He likes the gift. Ragini says Ranjana also helped us. He says I will thank you both, but first I will see this inspector, he slapped me, I told him that the slap will be costly. He kills the inspector.

He says I have power in hands even today, I can’t wait more, I have to start my new life. Ragini says I planned your mega entry in Aazaadgunj, tomorrow morning will be of destruction for Suraj, Chakor, Vivaan and Imli.

Imli goes to haveli and looks for Vivaan everywhere. She sees Vivaan coming from outside and rushes to him. They smile seeing each other. Is kadar……. Plays……….. He gives her the bouquet saying every petal has it written that Vivaan loves Imli a lot. She smiles. He says I will always love you. They hug. She says Vivaan…. And they smile. He lifts her and takes her to room.

Suraj gives the papers to Chakor. She signs on the papers. She says now everything is fine, go and submit this in court so that we legally get separated. He says that day will be happy day for me, but I will regret that you will go, I like to fight with you. She says even I got habitual to fight with you. He goes. She shuts the door.

Its morning, Bhuvan asks Kasturi to come to factory. Chakor says I will drop you out. Bhuvan says Ragini is giving us good money every month. Chagan says yes, that’s why we could celebrate Navratri well, I came to ask Chakor if she is fine. Chakor says I m fine, but where is Ragini, she did not come on Navratri. He says there is nothing, as I see all factory work. Kasturi says Chagan has become manager. Chakor says great, work hard.

Kasturi and Bhuvan leave. Chakor asks Chagan to tell her whats written in the contract which Ragini gave them. He says I don’t know to read, I said everyone what Ragini said, I can show contract by asking everyone. She says maybe Ragini wrote something else. He asks her not to worry. She asks from where does money come to pay wages. Chagan says Ragini sends money on time and I give everyone, I will leave. He goes. She says I can’t sit like this, I have to know what is written in the contract. She goes to Kishor and lies to him that she has come to see contract papers. Chagan asked her to get it to factory. She convinces him and says Chagan is in factory right now, see he gave me this key also. A man sees Chakor and calls Ragini, that Chakor is asking Kishor for contract. Ragini says I have a way to stop Chakor.

Suraj tells lawyer that he is leaving for his office, I have to get Chakor, is it necessary, fine….. Kishor takes Chakor to the cupboard. She says I will open it. She says I think Chagan gave me wrong key and tries to open cupboard. She sees smoke coming inside the room. Ragini’s man puts the smoke to make them faint. Chakor asks Kishor to go, I will take contract and come. She ties cloth to her face. Suraj comes looking for Chakor.

Kishor says she is inside. Suraj asks Chakor what is she doing, she will die by the poisonous gas. She says no, I will take contract which Ragini got everyone signed. Chagan and everyone come. Suraj asks Chakor to come. He takes her. Chakor pushes Suraj out and locks the door. Chakor tries to break the cupboard lock. Suraj asks Chakor do you have to die, come out. She says no, I will know whats written in the contracts. She coughs. Suraj breaks the door and gets her. They take Chakor home. They sprinkle water on her. She says I m not blaming Ragini, I want to know whats in contract. Chagan says stop it, she is Devi avatar for us, she gave us jobs. They all leave.

Chakor blames Suraj for this. Suraj says I saved your life, you should thank me. She asks why did you come to save me. He says I came to take you to lawyer, if you died, your name would have got linked to me forever. She says you should have left me to die. He says I did mistake to save you, I won’t do mistake now, you want to die, I will kill you. He aims gun at her. Kasturi and Bhuvan come and get shocked. Kasturi tries stopping Suraj. Suraj says I care for myself, not Chakor, don’t call me fraud again. Chakor says I did not see a worse man than you in my life.

Chakor collides with Salman Khan. Suraj, Chakor, Imli and Vivaan are kidnapped. Bhaiya ji sings happy birthday to me and meets all of them. They get shocked.

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