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Udaan 11th December 2015 Written Update

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The Episode starts with Nimboli removing Chakor’s cap. She says I know you are Chakor. Chakor tells its not easy and asks her not to say anyone this truth, else she will lose her life. Nimboli says no, you are doing wrong. Amma comes there and asks Chunni to come. She asks why did you remove cap and specs. Chakor says this is Nimboli, she met me and Chakor in Chathpuja. Nimboli gets sad. Amma asks why is Nimboli staring angrily, did Chunni do anything. Nimboli says she is not the one she looks. Amma smiles and says we have more enemies, so she became Choka to get saved of Bhaiya ji.

Nimboli says no, I m talking about her face. Chakor gets tensed. She stops Nimboli. Mangla comes there and Chakor greets her. Chakor stops Nimboli and tells her everything what all Nimboli faced, and she does not want any problem for her. Chakor asks Nimboli about her mum.

Mangla worries and thinks what is Chakor teaching Nimboli. Nimboli tells Chakor that her mum has thrown her as she wanted a boy, not daughter. Chakor thinks how can Anandi do this. Nimboli say I hate her, she herself told this to me, my Disa is with me, she loves me a lot. Chakor says I don’t trust this. Mangla talks to Amma. Mangla asks Nimboli to come.

Chakor tells JJ’s lines and Amma notices this. She asks Chakor how did she know what JJ said, and scolds her. She asks her to say if she Chakor or Chunni. Chakor says yes, I m Chakor. Amma gets shocked and cries. She asks how can she cheat her, why did she come here. Chakor says listen to me. Amma says come with me. Nimboli says Chakor did not cheat, she is doing this for her twin sister Chunni and her happiness. Amma gets shocked again hearing this twin sister truth.

Amma asks what, is Chunni your twin sister. Chakor says yes, I did not tell anyone being afraid of Bhaiya ji, my Dadi told me this. Amma asks what, you have hidden this from everyone. Chakor says you are with me, I m not alone. Amma cries and hugs her. Chakor says Nimboli lightened her burden by telling Amma, thanks. Nimboli smiles and says Anandi has come, and asks Chakor to take care. She runs to Anandi and hugs her. Chakor looks on. Anandi, Mangla and Nimboli leave. Chakor thinks why didAnandi throw Nimboli in bin, if I meet her again, I will ask her.

Nimboli dances on the song Ram ji ki kripa se….. Her husband sees her and kidnaps Nimboli. The guard informs Anandi, who gets shocked. Amma tells Chakor that its risky that we are going Mumbai. Bhaiya ji stops them and gets shocked seeing Chakor.

Written Update By Amena


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