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Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 5th October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Shreya says to Shaina mix it in mishri’s drink. She will speak truth after that and sanjana and ajay will be out of this house. Then i will rule this house. Bhushan comes in and says who will rule? and what are you doing here? shreya says she came here to drop me to my room. I was telling her how sanjana is ruling this house. Bhushan says this is about how she keeps everyone happy. Shreya says i was talking about ruling the hearts. Bhushan leaves.

Dadi checks all the arrangements. Dadi asks kirlok where is everyone else? He says coming. Pandit ji coming in. Kirlok says to elaichi isn’t everything too simple? She says everything is perfect. Manohar and his family come in. Elaichi does the arti. A woman says the decoration is too simple. Kirlok says there was little time so we couldn’t do much. Manohar says we only concern about Mishri. we didn’t give you time. You still did so much that you couldn’t do much.
Sanjana serves juices to everyone. Manohar says they always welcome guests royally. Elaichi says go see if mishri is ready.

Mishri is read in her room. Mishri says this lehnga is so heavy. Angoori says drink another glass of milk. Mishri says no. Shaina is on the door she says how will i mix it. Shaina goes in and says you look so beautiful today. Ajju always used to talk about you. He must be very happy to see you. Congratulations. She spills some milk on her. Shaina says i am so sorry. Mishri says i will wash it. Shaina mixes the powder in her milk. Shaina says okay i am going, drink your milk and come. Mishri is about to drink, ajay takes it and drinks it. Mishri says you always do this. He says i wont get another chance to do this after today.
Sanjana comes in. Mishri says her groom is waiting outside. Vinati says yes and she is getting engaged today not married. Vinati and mishri go out. Ajay pulls sanjana and says you look so good today. He is about to kiss her. Vinati says sanjana where are you? She says coming. Sanjana shoves ajay and goes out. Shreya wonders why there is no effect of medicine on Mishri.

The ceremony starts. The bride and groom make each other wear the ring. Ajay says to the groom remember i hit you that day. I am sorry for that. The groom says no lets hug you dont need to apologize. Ajay says you only hug your wife. he hugs sanjana.Vinati says are you out of your mind. Groom says to mishri are you also romantic like your brother? Sanjana takes ajay in. she says what is all this? Why are you behaving like this. Sit here, you wont move until i come back. Ajay goes in kitchen and says i want water. sanjana gives him water. She says come to room. Shreya and shaina are seeing them. shreya says mishri had to drink it. Shaina says i know my work. If you dont interfere.

Sanjana requires ajay to place and says who behaves like this before company. What had been you doing? He suggests what did i do. I love you. She states you designed a oversight. Your drank. He claims i didn’t. I really like you. Sanjana suggests now sit in this article. Ajay plays new music and dances with sanjana. Sanjana shoves him and suggests have you been mad. Sanjana makes him sit. Ajay seems in mirror and says who will you be? Exactly what are you accomplishing below? He suggests We’ve got finished terrible matters, we’ve been hazardous. Sanjana says shut up ajay and snooze listed here. I will bring your lemonade. Ajay will get up and states sanjana is acquiring lemons from tree? Shaina comes in. Ajay thinks its sanjana. He states where by have been you? He claims Everything you thought exactly where would your sanjana go. He claims I actually tease you and now this murder. Shain turns on the speaker. Ajay says i dont know the way ajju died, we stored drowning in it. if ajju didn’t attack you.. we hid his deadbody. Shreya sees sanjana heading upstairs. Ajay suggests we claimed a lot of lies and also you helped me too. By no means thought i would be associated with my bestfriend’s murder.

Precap-Sanjana is seeking ajay outside. Ajay is going for walks around the highway. He collides with ajjy. Both equally of them are shocked.

Written Update By Sahir


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