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Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 28th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Shaina says to ajay and sanjana I am here to find out the murderer of my brother. Ajay takes sanjana with her.
Shreya drops the vase herself and says I dropped something. It sounds like the same vase that was found under the sofa. Shaina is about to pick it up. Shaina says why didn’t you let me pick is there some secret with this vase. Shreya says how did it come here? Did you bring it.Sanjana states no. Shaina claims am i able to see it? Shaina requires the vase and claims why weren’t you offering it to me. Sanjana says its merely a vase give it to me. Shaina states if its just a vase then why aren’t you supplying it to me, go now. Sanjana says give it to me, I’ve to position is on its position. Shaina says exactly what is so Particular over it you are dying to get it from me? I want to know the Tale way too. Sanjana says there isn’t any story, just that it fell so often times. Shreya can take the vase and states why you the two are battling I’ll location it. Shaina says why are you concerned sajana? Sanjana claims I’m not worried about the vase I’m worried about Shreya bhabhi.

Elaichi says to kirlok why is this girl not heading from here. Kirlok states Feel from her standpoint, she has misplaced her brother. She wont locate everything right here anyway.
Shaina says on contact to an individual i wont go from listed here without undertaking what i have to. He states certainly you under no circumstances transform. She says the ajju who hardly ever I cared about, i am using his Loss of life’s edge. I entered below. She suggests we don’t have Substantially time we have to make it happen collectively. Sanjana comes in her space and overhears. Shaina claims it was my husband. I don’t know what ajju saw in you that he needed to marry you. What pay attention in to men and women talking on cell phone. Sanjana claims you’re sitting down in my dwelling and instructing me manners. You are Blessed that you’ve messed up with a great loved ones they wont kick you out and also have mercy to suit your needs. Whichever you are carrying out, get it done diligently. Today or tomorrow you will end up uncovered. Shaina suggests you far better treatment about by yourself. I understand what you have got completed. Sanjana leaves.

Shreya arrives downstairs Along with the vase. She locations it on the stairs. Vinati comes and claims shreya’. Why do you think you’re sitting on stairs? She suggests my saari ha trapped in railings. Vinati involves aid her out. Vinati claims you must request me that will help you. Vinati usually takes her saari out. Vinati states we have been here to assist you to. Will you consume chocolate shake? Vinati will take her downstairs, shreya leaves the pot on stairs.

Sanjana tells ajay I listened to shaina speaking with a person on mobile phone. she was speaking about some approach. Ajay says i realized she is listed here for many reason. Sanjana sees her coming. she claims to ajay she’ll check out to speak to you and interrogate don’t pay attention to her. Shaina hits the vase shreya left on stairs.
She screams. She claims you individuals did this deliberately to hurt me so I leave this household. Shreya states in heart idiot Female making a fuss and not checked the vase. She hold ajay’s hand and states make me sit on couch, it genuinely hurts. Dadi suggests support her ajay. Shreya suggests exactly what is she performing. Allow me to steal the vase again. Vinati attire Shaina’s wound. Dadi states vinati just take her to her area. Shaina says I’m able to go I’m not blind like your daughter in law. Shreya wishes to decide the vase, Ajay picks it and sanjana claims shreya i will go away you towards your room

Precap-Shaina comes to the room and steals all the gold. Shreya stops her an says you thief what were you doing in my room.

Written Update By Sahir


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