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Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 25th September 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Sanjana states dont say a term about my spouse. Shaina claims that you are the real offender i ought to speak with you. I assumed i would check with you in the language. she slaps sanjana. she suggests you married ajay once you bought Sick and tired of my brother. sanjana suggests i know what i am i dont need you to inform me. get lost with the feelings. Shaina says i will see my brother’s murderer. A person from this house has murdered her. Elaichi says this is a lot of you might be no one to accuse us. Do you’ve got any proof? She states Of course i do. I will discover ajju’s murderer. She requires out a ring and suggests This can be the proof. I found it around his deadbody. Vinati claims Exactly what does it depict? Shaina suggests whoever’s finger fixes the ring is definitely the perpetrator. You all really have to attempt. Shreya claims why really should we? she states I’ve evidence should i simply call cops? Shreya suggests all right simply call cops. Kirlok claims we comprehend your ache. We might have reacted the way that you are. Do what ever you wish. Shaina starts inquiring one particular by on to put on the ring. Dadi is about to wear it, she suggests you don’t should don it. She concerns mishri. It doesn’t repair any of her fingers. Its sanjana’s switch. Shaina states you are aware of why i arrived eventually to you so everybody knows your truth. You’re not That which you seem like. You are a murderer. sanjana attempts it doesn’t match her fingers. Shaina says try out all over again. Shreya claims in heart how can her own ring not suit her fingers? Sanjana tries once again, its eliminate. sanjana returns it. Shreya claims now you may depart. not a soul would be the murderer here. Dadi suggests it occurs we knows your ache. Ajju was like our son. You doubted us. Shaina states That is my perception which the murderer is below. And that i wont throw in the towel.
Elaichi claims we haven’t performed just about anything then why ought to we bear All of this?

Scene 2
Ajay and sanjana are looking for her ring. Ajay says how does she get it? Ajay says yes mishri went there you never went there. Ajay says why didn’t it fix? Sanjana says it was already lose. Shreya says i gave it to her some time back.

Shreya suggests on get in touch with mishri is so irresponisble i stole it from her space and he or she didn’t even know. Nonetheless it didn’t even resolve sanjana’s finger. But I’ll ruin their life. I will retain providing proofs to shaina, she is going to do my function. Thanks to shaina. Shaina arrives on her doorsteps. Shreya pretends blind once more.

Amar says i don’t know whats happeneing. Ajju is lifeless and his sister is doubting us. Vinati says now she will Stay below until finally her uncertainties are apparent.
kirlok claims none of my Youngsters can do this. Dadi says no-one type our spouse and children can make this happen. Lets get post mortem reports till then We now have to remain quiet.
Mishri states because of my error shaina got it. What have i done.
She slaps herself and suggests I’m mad. Sanjana claims who Is that this one that is aware about our real truth. The number is off.
Shreya says sanjana you will be also innocent you retain contacting just one range. I exploit a lot of quantities I’m intelligent.
Mishri states i ought to rather than residing such as this. Indeed this is best. She normally takes out sleeping drugs.

sanjana claims to ajay I’m definitely apprehensive for mishri. They knock at her door. Sanjana sees in with the Home windows. She states prevent mishri. Ajay breaks the Home windows and says are you out of your mind. Another person comes with the door. Elaichi and everyone is available in. They talk to what happened mishri? Mishri is on bed? dadi says ajay sanjana why were being you each shouting? Sanjana says she didn’t open up the door. i observed from window she was on ground. Vinati says is there some rigidity? Convey to us. Kirlok says Permit her relaxation. Sanjana suggests he is true. I will keep below along with her.
Sanjana claims to mishri why you did this? Didn’t you consider us. Mishri says This is often beacause of me. Sanjana states don’t blame on your own. I realize you will be nervous. we are with you. We gained’t let anything at all materialize to you. Assure me you wont try this again.
Sanjana states to ajay mishri really should forget All of this? she is really tensed. Shaina asks what should really she neglect?

Precap-Shreya throws the vase and says it sounds like the same vase found under sofa. Sanjana picks it up. Shaina says can i see it?

Written Update By Sahir


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