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Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1

Ayush says where are you going? On holidays? Amar says no we are going to live at a different place. Elaichi says what are you saying? You wont go anywhere. Ayush put their stuff back in. Come have the breakfast. Vinati says no we are goin to place where we can live our life on our own. Amar says and we can spend howvere we want. Samar says i dont wanna go. Vinati says we are doing this for you. Bhsuhan says what are you saying? Amar says the cab is outside.

Dadi says I came here to meet my daughter in law. I considered you my daughter in law. Where are you bangles? Sanjana says I returned them and all the jewelry to Shreya. Dadi says dazed she says shreya came here? Who asked her to come? Sanjana says she said you and mami ji sent her.

Vinati gives the keys back to elaichi. Avni says please bhabhi and bhaiya dont go. Avni says let us go. Ajay says you have always been our role model. You told us how much mamma mami love us and we should always be responsible towards them. Ayush and uppal also stop them. Bhushn says i am really sorry if you are going because of tomorrow’s spat dont. You can spend as much as you want we wont ask you anything. We will always listen to you. You can admit samar wherever you want. You can do any renovations. Bhushan says our family cant be separated. amar says its about time mamma ji should divide business. Bhushan says what are you saying? Amar says we should all get the profit. Bhushan says how can you change. AMar says i have changed okay. He says vinati lets go from here.Samar hugs elaichi and says i wont go. Vinati takes him forcefully.

Mishri is hoping to avoid Amar’s car. he / she foliage. Another car occurs in addition to strikes the girl.

Dadi states currently the rest is up to you. dadi receives a call up via ajay. He / she tells the girl about mishri’s incident.

Bhushan in addition to all people will take mishri for you to hospital. Elaichi is apprehensive. Kirlok states almost nothing could happen for you to the girl dont worry. Nurse states organise O- blood vessels. Bhushan states let me bloodbank. Elaichi states amar is O-. Call your pet you need to.

Ajay cell phone calls amar, he’s in car together with vinati. Vinati states pick up the phone call. Amar states when i can’t. We have managed me personally together with this sort of difficulty. Amar doesn’t pick up. bhushan states blood vessels just isn’t readily available. Elaichi states you need to call up amar and enquire of your pet into the future.

Health practitioner states it may be poisonous should you are not able to organise blood vessels.

Vinati states you need to pick up the phone call.

Ajay goes out to find Amar in addition to Vianti.

Sanjana states for you to dadi i will fall you to definitely hospital. These people take a seat in the car. Shreya states how can these people be consequently heartless. They are definitely not callin again.

Dadi states for you to sanjana i will leave below when i dont wish someone to discover you.

Ajay is seeking these people. Ajay matches the girl, he / she states let me acquire amar. The girl returns rapidly. The person ajay demands states you will discover a couple approaches via motorway in addition to via industry.

sanjana states i will get it done as well. The girl hides via ajay.

uppal tells bhushan all of us tried however couldn’t think it is.

Sanajana confirms these people. The girl states the best way to quit these people. The girl covers the girl confront in addition to occurs in front of their car. your woman states you strike me. Amar states you need to reduce us all. vinati states amar offer the girl cash. The girl states you were acquiring gaming. Ajay perceives these people. He / she tells these people in which mishri possesses attained a major accident.

Precap-Sanjana dances in the party. she is wearing a short dress. She says according to contract i am his wife if someone stops me they will be in jail.

Written Update By Sahir


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