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Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 14th October 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Ajay says she is a impersonator who came here as ajju’s sister. and ajju is not dead he is alive. Everyone is dazed. Kirlok says ajju is alive? How is this possible. cops found his body. Ajay says this was a game to trap sanjana. Sanjana saw ajju at ram lela fest. He ran from there. Bhushan says shreya why are you so tensed, it is about shaina. Shreya says I am just shocked. I mean she is an impersonator. Bhushan says do you have an answer shaina? Elaichi says why you did this? We let you live here. Dadi says this was left to see only. We were such happy family. Ajay says who is behind you shina? Answer or i will slap. Bhushan says ajay behave. Shaina says I will tell you everything. I am a thief and an impersonator. My bf read about ajju’s death we thought that is right time to come here. I came here to steal but there is someone with me who is part of this family. Wont you ask who that is? Shaina says Shreya. She is the one who brought me here. shreya says i dont even know you. I have nothing to do with ajju’s death. She is blaming me because I am liable because of my past. I dont know anything. This time i will kill myself. Vinati says we are with you. Elaichi says we are all with you. Shaina says this was all her game. I am not lying. Shreya says I am not lying, i dont know her. Dadi says shreya we trust you. Shaina says you are all blind not shreya. ajay says enough with this drama now get lost from here. Shaina says trust me, she did all this. Throw her out. Please trust me. Ajay says go from here. Shaina says I love you ajay. This is why I had courage to tell you truth. Ajay drags her out of house. He says i wont even see your face. He says you will. Shaina says shreya you got what you wanted but i will get my reward. My reward is ajay. Yes i love you and i will get you at any cost. I will do anything. Ajay says go from here.

Cops are hitting sanjana, they ask why you killed ajju? She says he is alive. they keep hitting and asking her. Sanjana says ajju is alive and until ajay finds him i will keep quite.
Ajay inquires about ajju.
Agarwal comes to meet sanjana. He says what is all this? Ajjay told me. Sanjana says there is nothing like that. Sanjana says ajju is alive. Sanjana tells him everything. Agarwal says i will do everything for you.

Shaina is walking on road, she recalls her insult. Her wrist is bleeding because of broken bangles. She says what should i do? I can’t live without ajay. I want him at any cost. She is crying. She sees a bike and calls himk ajay.

Mishri is in her room. The door is locked. She states how need to I go out? She states I have to inform sanjana bhabhi all the things. She justifies to be saved. How am i able to go out from below.
Ajju is in a celebration. He includes a spat with some thugs ther.e Ajju hit a guy there. Shreya stops him and slaps him. He claims what did i do now? Shreya suggests why did you drink a lot more than you ought to have? Ajay relates to the club to question about ajju. Shreya claims ajay would’ve seen you. Go from below now. Ajay arrives out and hits the car in disappointment. Shaina comes and states dont harm your self. She says you should You will need to pay attention to me.

Agarwal suggests ajju’s neighbours reported he hardly ever experienced a sister. Sanjana states i realized it, he by no means explained to me about sister. Agarwal states shaina functions in company. Sanjana claims so shaina and ajju are jointly. Agarwal states no there shall be some third man or woman far too. You can find 1 person who can do that. Shreya. Sanjana says but why would she try this? Agarwal suggests only she will be able to do this. You might have found her. Sanjana suggests she has modified. She can’t even see. Agarwal states a man’s mother nature under no circumstances improvements. I’m guaranteed she has completed this. Sanjana says but shreya.. shaina and ajju. They’re all a single.

Precap-Ajay claims to shaina I’ve get sanjana out of the swamp. Shaina says i can help you. She says you’ll have to marry me.

Written Update By Sahir


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