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Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi 10th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1

Vianti is on skates to serve the attendees in social gathering. Sanjana claims in heart I’m sorry vinati bhabhi. Shreya is on skates as well. Sanjana suggests to shreya why are you continue to in this article? Serve colddrinks to my pals. sanjana claims on simply call I suppose He’s listed here. Ajay is available in and is stunned. He asks shreya and vinati to go in. He states thank God mama ji is on shop. Sanjana syas You’re not invited here. He suggests your key entertainer wont occur. I might be it. He shoves Sanjana.

Rishab suggests to Avni that i was waiting for you, Avni states a challenge transpired in residence, Rishab suggests i dont care what is happening in your house, Once i connect with you then You should reply to me, i was looking forward to you and you are not answering me, he is about to hit Avni but stops.
Nani claims to Sanjana which i hope our relatives is united, Sanjaana suggests before long Shrya’s truth will occur out, you dont stress, Shrya listens this and states thinks that Nanji find out about my actuality, Imagine if she tells everyone, i will be thrown outside of residence, she starts to leave from there, Sanjana sees an individual going and inform this to Nani, Nani goes behing silhuttee, its Avni who goes in household stealthly, Nani stops her and finds wound on her head, she check with Avni how this took place? Avni claims i fell down, Nani gives her swear to inform truth of the matter, Avni says Rishab, Nani is stunned to recognize that Rishab has hit Avni.

Shrya is sitting down in place, Bhushan comes there and claims to Shrya that how can you cheat my household? you’ve got stoop so small, Krilok claims to Bhushan that she’s from our household just toss her out, Bhushan claims I’ll deliver her to suitable area that is certainly police station, i wanna slap her first, Shrya starts shouting that dont touch me, it turns out to be her desire, Bhushan comes and request what took place? Shrya hugs him staying frightened, Bhushan question what happened? Shrya says I’m concerned that Sanjana will our family, she is going to separate me from you, Bhushan says dont fear, Sanjana will probably be thrown out shortly, he leaves, Shrya claims i really have to Feel some way to prevent Nani, and i maintain my image intact also.

PRECAP- Rishab is shouting at Avni, he is about to slap her but Bhushan comes and pushes him away, Rishab shouts that you are bride’s in law, how dare you, Avni slaps him he shout on Bhushan.

Written Update By Sahir


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