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Tu Mera Hero 8th October 2015 Written Update

Tu Mera Hero watch online

Sonam being happy about Gagan. Pari tells about Sundar. She says Titu has murder blame. Sonam asks what will happen if no one gives statement in his favor. Pari says he will go jail. Sonam says I can’t tell them, no one takes me seriously, I will go with Gagan now, Panchi will free Titu, else Titu will be cared in jail, else I will tell Gagan after marriage. Sandeep shows his farmhouse to Govind and Panchi. Govind says princess is happy. Sandeep decorated the place to get the deal.

Govind takes Surekha’s name and then fools Sandeep. Panchi smiles. Gagan brings Sonam to his farmhouse and she smiles seeing it beautifully decorated. She asks is this his farmhouse. He says no, I have taken this on rent from my director friend. She says the place is pretty. He says not more than you. He asks her to drink. She thinks maybe there is ring in drink.

Titu and his family come to the farmhouse. A man sees him and says I will tell Sandeep. Rekha hits the man and he falls. The dancer faints seeing them. Rekha says she has talent to beat them. Mukund asks who will dance now to keep them busy, how will we open safe. Titu asks them to think fast. Mukund says who will do belly dancing and asks Rekha to dance. Rekha beats him and they laugh. Rekha smiles seeing Surekha. They all see Surekha. Surekha refuses. Rekha says Titu will dance.

Gagan makes Sonam drunk and smiles. He asks her for a dance. Titu gets ready as the female dancer. He covers his face and does belly dancing to keep Sandeep busy. He dances on Mashallah Mashallah…………. Rekha says we will find the CD and family looks for CD everywhere. CD falls over Rekha’s head and Surekha gets it. Mukund says it’s the same CD and they get happy. Panchi dances with Titu. Golu signs Titu that they got the CD. Govind and Panchi clap and like the dance. She says I m happy, I liked your gift, I will give you chance to make movie, I want to go now.

Titu asks the household to come back right before everyone sees them. Titu get stunned looking at Gagan and Sonam there. Gagan tries obtaining close to Sonam and requires her on the mattress. Titu operates to them. Surekha claims the place did Titu go now and they all go following Titu. Gagan gets nearer to Sonam. Titu shouts Gagan and beats him. He places h2o on Sonam and asks her for getting up. Gagan asks Titu to go. The elders come there and get stunned observing Sonam with Gagan.

Gagan claims so total relatives is right here to idiot another person. Sandeep hears them and will come there. The person states Titu and his relatives are cheating you. Sandeep can take the CD and breaks it. He laughs on Titu’s approach. Sonam claims I m witness that Titu is harmless. All of them Sonam to say, its about Titu’s lifetime. Sonam claims I do know Titu isn’t Preeti’s BF, I read Titu and Sandeep conversing in audition room. Gagan asks how does she know when she experienced accident. Sonam suggests I didn’t drop memory, I did drama to get your focus.

Gagan asks Titu to determine how she is liar. Titu scolds Gagan and states Sonam appreciated you, she did not had filth in her mind like you, and slaps him for misbehaving with Sonam. He says I m ashamed that you’re my Pal and sends him. All of them get glad and thank Sonam. All of them go dwelling. Kamlesh tells them that this is simply not adequate to confirm Titu innocent, we would like some proof. Kamlesh says Gagan will go from Sonam in courtroom, we want strong proof. Titu claims we don’t have any proof plus they all get sad.

Chitra insults Panchi. Titu receives arrested. Surekha cries seeing him.

Written Update By Sahir


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