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Tu Mera Hero 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Titu telling the man that Govind is alive. Rekha says the house belongs to them and scolds the man. The man says he has papers with him that proved Govind died and the house belongs to ashram now. Rekha says Govind can’t make such will. The man shows the will sent to them 5 years before. Govind checks it. Surekha asks whats this. Govind reminds her that he has donated many things to the newly weds. Surekha asks him to support Titu, he has done good deed by getting mass marriages done. Govind asks why did he give bike to all the couples. Titu says he booked the bikes for his new sisters. Surekha hugs him and says he has golden heart.

Govind asks when will he consider his dad. Titu claims I will prepare cycles following yr. Govind claims its 20 lakhs expended. He asks the manager to write his will, that just after he dies, the house and every little thing will probably be offered to Anand ashram, and Titu must not get any rupee. Surekha asks him to quiet down. Govind suggests his residence will never go to Titu, Titu has to generate and after that donate money. Surekha asks Titu not to worry, she could make ghee rotis for Govind, then He’ll melt. His anger will not make any will and laughs.

All of them keep their heads. Surekha suggests Govind’s anger ruined them. Rekha cries and claims how can Govind try this with them, he could have donated 50 percent property. Panchi claims all the things are going to be fine. Govind suggests I did that because of Titu. Surekha claims Titu did good get the job done. Govind suggests paying out twenty lakhs is nice deed? Titu says sorry, I wasn’t mature. Rekha curses the manager.

Govind tells The person that now they’ve got satisfied, he is alive. The person states legal guidelines requires evidence, this house is ours, there are various holidays now, you give evidence in court docket you are alive on Monday, and We’re going to split this household on Sunday, breaking rules is undesirable. Govind states I m alive. Titu says this home is major, your intentions are modest. He asks what evidence he has that Govind died. The man suggests another person has signed and took 75000rs compensation that Govind died. Govind checks the papers. Rekha will get tensed.

The man states I will arrive on Sunday and leaves. Surekha asks who will do that from our relatives, whose indication can it be. Surekha stops Rekha. Rekha problems and cries. She apologizes to them. She suggests revenue was coming household, so I could not say no. Panchi says its problem, its challenging, evidence is necessary, we must always get letter that Govind is alive. Titu claims yes. Govind agrees and states We’ll visit municipal Office environment all over again and make the papers. Titu goes to prepare. Rekha states 75000rs is also gone now.

Titu and Panchi prepare. She is irritated. He says he spent revenue on magic present and so they’ve fulfilled. She asks why did he not make relationship certification. He suggests he is likely to make. She asks when, if another person comes and suggests I m his spouse. He suggests no, We are going to fix this matter and after that make our children’ delivery certification.

Surekha asks Govind not to worry, they’re going to go Business office and current papers. He is anxious and states I need to remember what all I donated. Rekha comes and asks Govind to become in his area. He says how will I make that letter then. Rekha reminds them that Govind promised to donate his eyes and signed on papers. Surekha and Govind get anxious. Titu and Panchi deliver them to Workplace, and there is no staff. They chat that they have got for getting living certificate. The peon states some huge purpose is going on and staff went there. Govind gets offended and says he wants to defeat Absolutely everyone. Titu says We’re going to go there and catch the officer. They depart.

Rekha sees the functionality and goes there. Titu and everyone occur there and find out the ashram man indicating about giing tribute to late Govind. They all get stunned looking at the white statue of Govind. Govind fumes and breaks the statue. The bouquets fall about him. Govind claims you have to be ashamed to do this and scolds him. The man asks who’s he. Govind claims I m alive and you are killing me. He suggests I m genuine Govind, this trustee is liar, he has found me alive and wants to consider my house. The person asks them to determine this male, as he is Govind’s glimpse alike, Titu has accomplished Mehmood’s acting which gentleman is doing this to acquire dwelling. Govind states I will defeat you with my footwear, I m not any look alike. The person claims I will confirm he is liar, and goes to pull his moustache.

The people don’t believe Govind is real Govind.

Written Update By Sahir


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