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Tu Mera Hero 7th October 2015 Written Update

Tu Mera Hero watch online

Govind telling family that Titu came out before Sandeep saw him. he says we all have hidden and Sandeep did not see us. Vaishaili asks about the anklet. Titu says don’t know, but we have to find about this. He says we have less time and have to lay a new trap for Sandeep. Rekha says this Sandeep is so clever. She reminds how she has fooled people before by her roles. Titu says just see this time, as your bahu will be doing this time. Bhagwati says not me. Titu nods no and points again. Vaishaili looks at Panchi. Panchi signs me. Titu signs yes. They all smile.

Sandeep tells his friend about Titu and Preeti’s affair. A man comes and tells about a big party coming to make movie, they can invest 100 crores. Sandeep gets excited to meet the people and asks him to fix meeting. Titu asks whose anklet is this and recalls. Panchi says she is jealous. He jokes on the girl.

Golu bribes the watchman and does his part in the plan. Titu romances with Panchi and keeps the anklet there. He thanks her for the trust. They smile. Golu messages Panchi. She says Govind and I have to leave now. Gagan tells his friend that he wants to run away and sees Sonam coming. Sonam says something fell in my eyes and asks Gagan to help. Gagan sees Dimple and asks which eye. Hema comes and sees Gagan and Sonam. Gagan helps Sonam. Sonam says he is so sweet, she will cook for him. Hema says there is some good behind everything bad, and I wish Lord makes Gagan like Sonam. Hema and Dimple leave. Gagan thinks Sonam is not so bad, he will get price for his time.

Sandeep waits for the big party and gets angry. The man asks him to wait. Govind and Panchi come dressed as Arab people. Panchi says she wants to go to any big hotel. Govind says this is shooting location, if you don’t like, you can punish me, I have 100 crores budget for it. Sandeep hears them and starts acting. Govind is troubled by the clothes. Panchi says some time more. Sandeep tries trapping them. He comes to Govind and Panchi and greet them, boasting about his directing skills.

Sundar plays with Pari.She acts like his wife. Sundar calls her a trouble. Titu asks the jeweler to give info about anklet. Sundar gives Sonam’s anklet to Pari. Pari thinks how did this come here and collides with Titu. She runs with the anklet. Govind and Panchi talk to Sandeep and say this house is so small, and Sandeep asks them to meet at his farmhouse.

Govind asks Sandeep how will he take care of huge price range movie. Panchi talks to Govind. Pari comes to Sonam and offers her anklet which she forgot in Titu’s property. Sonam thinks she forgot it on shoot and Titu got it, sorry I am able to’t do everything for Titu. Gagan involves her and tends to make her dress in it. She smiles. He compliments her and says I had been thinking shall we received out somewhere. She receives happy and thinks Gagan will propose me today. Sandeep asks Govind to make a decision anything on his farmhouse. Panchi and Govind agree.

Titu talks to loved ones and talks about exposing Sandeep. Govind will get Sandeep’s get in touch with and talks to him. Sandeep asks him to come to farmhouse currently to debate. He provides the address. Titu thinks he has listened to this identify ahead of. He thinks that Sandeep has stored the CD at that farmhouse. He tells this to Panchi and Govind and gets glad. He states congrats, now Lord can also be within our workforce. Panchi states Now we have to uncover Cd in farmhouse. Titu claims go away that on me, maintain Sandeep chaotic and I will discover cd. Govind says We’ve to rush, as Kamlesh will file FIR tomorrow. Panchi states no, Sandeep will cry in jail, not our Titu. They sign up for fingers and smile.

Pari tells Sonam that Titu may get saved if any person talks in his favor. Sonam thinks she can’t reduce Gagan, Panchi will no cost Titu.

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