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Tu Mera Hero 6th October 2015 Written Update

Epi begins with doctor telling everyone about Sonam’s short term memory loss. Dimple and everyone blame Gagan. Dimple asks Gagan not to go till Sonam’s memory comes back and she gets fine. She says this relation came from Titu’s side, so you all are also responsible, you have to help me. Rekha says Titu’s help got heavy again. Kamlesh comes to Agarwal house and tells about Titu being Preeti’s BF by all phone messages and evidence. Vaishaili says this field is such, this had to happen. They all look at Titu. Panchi says Titu is innocent, I trust him. She says for me, Titu’s eyes truth is the proof. Panchi says my trust is strong on Titu. Titu gets happy.

Panchi says we have to think how did he get trapped when it was not his mistake. Titu recalls and tells them everything how Sandeep lied to him. Panchi says you have hit your leg to help others. Titu says I realize I did wrong and apologizes to them. He says this won’t happen again. Panchi says how will we get out of this big problem. Kamlesh says he has to lodge FIR and arrest Titu withint 24 hours of it, I believe Titu is innocent, I can delay FIR for one day, so you have 2 days. Panchi says fine, 2 days are enough to get proof against the real culprit Sandeep.

Panchi gets sad. Titu comes to her and thanks her for trusting him. He says he is feeling proud of her. She says be proud of yourself, you taught me to trust, I m angry on your innocent foolishness, which makes you do your loss. She says I remember you came back to marry me for my happiness and respect, you can’t do this, we have to find proof against Sandeep. Titu says I could not imagine Sandeep would do this.

She asks him to think who can help them. She says small thing will also count for us, think anything. Titu recalls talking to Sandeep. He says we spoke in audition room, I heard some sound there, maybe someone heard us. She says I think we should go there once. Hema asks Dimple about Titu. Sonam and Gagan come there. Dimple says I also feel he is good. Gagan says he trapped me, now Lord has trapped him.

Hema asks who was that Woman. Sonam hears about Dimple saying about Preeti and Titu. She thinks Is that this exactly the same affair which she read. Panchi, Titu and Govind come to the audition area and crack the lock. They disguise seeing watchman occur. He sees Govind. Govind thinks this does not have glass On this body and talks to your guard. He fools the guard. Titu and Panchi sees this and smile. Govind says you are supporting Sandeep, you will also get criminal offense punishment to guidance Sandeep. Panchi claps silently. The guard states I m regretting a great deal, and guarantees he won’t ever perform with bad Sandeep. Govind asks him to hold ears and do situps. Govind sits and guard runs from there. Titu admires Govind. Govind asks Titu to seek out some clue quickly. Titu checks the area. Titu opens the audition room and attempts recalling. Panchi sees Lord idol and goes to pray. Titu will get at the rear of curtains and will get anklet there.

Sonam tries being aware of about Preeti’s case and thinks Titu can’t be Preeti’s BF. She writes their names within the chart and tries figuring out. She thinks she has met Titu and she or he has read Sandeep requesting Titu to be Preeti’s BF, and now everyone is expressing Titu is Preeti’s BF, then who’s Sandeep. She sees the audition in her cell phone and Pari phone calls Sonam. Sonam leaves her cell phone. Pari hears new music.

Govind, Titu and Panchi conceal viewing Sandeep coming with a few dude. Sandeep checks the area. The man states Titu’s identify is there in the situation and asks Sandeep to maneuver his and Preeti’s pictures. Sandeep suggests its at my farmhouse, not one person will consider from there, I’ve financial loan on my head, I need a major occasion for spending my mortgage. Govind, Titu and Panchi seem on.

Govind and Panchi satisfy Sandeep in disguise. Sandeep asks them to meet at his farmhouse, and he is likely to make huge film for them.


Written Update By Sahir


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