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Tu Mera Hero 5th October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Titu dreaming to get trapped by Sandeep. He wakes up. Panchi sees his tensed face and asks did he bad dream like Surekha. He hugs her. She apologizes to him and says she will pay for her scoldings today. He asks really and lifts her. He says he will kiss her and she says this time, my way. They romance. She says I will come on your set and spend time. He drops her on the sofa and says its rule on set, wife can’t come there. She says its clear, he is lying. He says yes, I have a selfish motive.

He asks for his fav dish. She says it will take time, fine I will make it. He gets relieved. Sonam and Dimple are in market and wait for some one. Sonam intentionally goes infront of Gagan’s car and gets hit. Gagan sees Sonam and gets shocked. Titu is on shoot and hears Preeti talking to Sandeep. Titu asks Preeti to get his phone back from Sandeep. She says sorry, we are using your phone thanks for helping us, I m going to talk to Sandeep, this will get solved. He says great, I love my wife a lot, I don’t want to hurt her. Chitra sees them and thinks Titu is so nice, and his wife is mad. Sandeep looks on. Sandeep messages Preeti to show some love towards Titu. Preeti hugs Titu and tells him that Chitra is seeing us.

Titu worries and thanks Lord that Panchi is not here. Panchi comes on the set after khichdi for Titu. Titu asks Preeti will Chitra go or not. Preeti says I don’t know. Panchi asks for Titu and goes inside. Gagan takes Sonam to home. Sandeep talks to Preeti, while Chitra is talking to Titu. Chitra says I m sad to know about mad wife. Panchi comes there and hears them. Titu gets shocked seeing Panchi.

Chitra asks who is she. Titu stammers and asks Panchi what is she doing here. He says this is my wife. Panchi asks what happened to me. Titu says nothing. Sandeep gives break to the staff. Titu takes Panchi with him. Sandeep asks Chitra to come with him. Preeti cries and says I won’t let Sandeep play with my feelings. The doctor checks Sonam and she gets up. She asks about their engagement. Gagan asks when did we get engaged.

She says Gagan And that i bought engaged, but in which did my engagement ring go. The health care provider calms her and asks her to relaxation. Panchi and Chitra consider one another and turn humble thinking They’re mad. Titu and Sandeep glimpse on. Titu thinks to perform a thing. Preeti arrives there and joins the lunch. Panchi thinks Preeti sat in close proximity to Chitra’s spouse. Chitra thinks bad Panchi, she won’t know her partner is just not hers. Panchi thinks Chitra really should know whats taking place with her. Titu claims this is historic second and jokes. Preeti asks Sandeep will he give divorce to Chitra. Panchi sees them and tells Chitra that environment is so bad, don’t rely on blindly. Chitra says Certainly, someone normally takes your ideal and you also don’t even know, be careful. Panchi sees Sandeep and Preeti holding fingers and she or he alerts Chitra. Chitra sees Preeti holding Titu’s hand. Chitra sees Titu and Preeti holdings palms and scolds Preeti. Chitra says Preeti and Titu have an affair. Panchi clears that its Sandeep and Preeti’s affair. Titu asks Panchi to depart it. Panchi scolds Sandeep for acquiring affair. Titu asks Panchi to stop it. Chitra blames Titu. Sandeep asks Chitra to leave it. Preeti leaves. Chitra and Panchi call one another mad and argue. The man arrives and tells about Preeti. They hurry to check out Preeti and finds her dead by committing suicide. Titu tells Sandeep. The man provides the letter. Chitra reads the suicide Take note and blames Titu. Sandeep worries and puts all blame on Titu. Titu and Panchi get stunned. Titu asks Chitra to know the entire reality. Sandeep says full unit is familiar with Titu trapped Preeti. Titu suggests what nonsense, you told me something else. He claims I agreed to you personally therefore you are performing this. Sandeep states you instructed this Tale to me. He asks a person. The person presents assertion in opposition to Titu.

Chitra scolds Titu. Panchi holds her head. Sandeep states Titu’s cell phone will evidence every little thing. He asks Chitra to examine. Chitra smiles viewing quite a few phone calls to Preeti and tells them. Panchi gets stunned.

Kamlesh suggests Preeti’s BF is her offender, its proved Titu is her BF, I must arrest Titu. The loved ones seems on.

Written Update By Sahir


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