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Tu Mera Hero 5th November 2015 Written Update

Tu Mera Hero watch online

Rekha asking Surekha to give her share. She says she won’t let her children beg to others, they are qualified. They all get shocked. Rekha says I did not ask anything till now, I m asking for first time. Govind says I should not hear this division word again, have food else don’t have, till I m alive, I won’t let this house divided. Rekha goes with Vaishaili. Keshav and Mukund talk about Rekha, why did she do this. Mukund says Vaishaili has done this, she told Rekha that Govind gave more property to Titu.

Keshav says no, she will be mistaken, she is not from this home, if bahus are mistaken, its our duty to explain and stop this house from breaking, you have to explain her. Vaishaili comes and says Govind has done partiality, I heard Govind and Surekha saying they heard doing extra for their lovely son. Keshav says this can’t happen. She says I heard them, Govind would have hidden those papers here, I will find it and show you. They ask what is she doing. She says when Titu makes bungalow there, you will know.

A man comes and asks them did Govind tell them about that plot. She asks why, did he tell you too. He says no, I heard him saying he bought this land for someone special. She asks them to see now. Keshav signs no. Everyone in family is upset. Bhagwati says Rekha is not easting, she will get unwell. Panchi says I will talk to her. Surekha stops her and goes to talk to Rekha.

She tries explaining Rekha. She says you know I did not have sister, and I made you my sister. She asks how can ask them to divide home. She says Keshav is my first child, I love him. She asks Rekha to have food and cries. Rekha says everything changed after Titu was born. She asks am I wrong to think about my children. Panchi and Bhagwati look on.

Titu comes and asks Rekha what is she saying. He asks her to have food and says you are Kanha, as no one eats food here without giving bhog to you. Keshav comes and holds Titu’s hand to stop him. He says Rekha is doing right. Mukund says we want division. Surekha gets shocked. Titu asks Mukund did he go mad. Govind asks everyone to come out, he will say his decision. They all go out.

Govind tells the decision that Rekha’s life did not do as per her decision, she is afraid for her children, so its fine, I have taken decision, I will give rights of head to Rekha, and give house keys to her, we will accept whatever she says. They all get shocked. Govind says he will not divide the house, but he will give his room to Rekha. Titu says yes, Panchi and I will also vacate our room, Keshav or Mukund can stay there. Bhagwati cries. Govind says Rekha can do anything for the family, its her right now. Surekha gets shocked and asks Rekha to take the keys. She keeps the keys to Rekha and gives her all the rights which Rekha demanded. Bhagwati asks Rekha how can she do this. Panchi asks Bhagwati to leave it, its good we will stay together. Rekha takes the keys. Bhagwati says this is insult of Govind and Surekha.

Vaishaili is pleased to shift In Titu and Panchi’s area and tells Mukund that she constantly preferred this space. Rekha sees Govind and Surekha’s pic and cries. Keshav looks on. Rekha states I received’t continue to be in this article, I’ll rest in my home, you may sleep here If you’d like. Surekha sees Rekha and states she was coming to her, she forgot to convey about supporter button. Govind states he will get ir repaired tomorrow.

Govind, Surekha, Titu and Panchi slumber in corridor with Sundar. Sundar is troubled by mosquitoes and Titu pacifies him. Rekha appears to be on. Vaishaili asks Mukund to slumber on mattress. Mukund says He’s finding it Strange. They all mislead rest. Surekha states Rekha has forgotten everything. Govind states Surekha, we are elders and possess to be patient, probably we did blunder in Titu’s really like. Rekha cries.

Panchi tells Titu that Govind confirmed his agony doing all that. Titu states don’t fear, almost everything might be high-quality.

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