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Tu Mera Hero 3rd October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Titu going in his vanity. Sandeep asks the crew member to park his vanity near Preeti’s vanity. His wife Chitra comes there and hears crew talking. Titu sees Sonam and asks you here. Sonam asks for tips to impress Gagan. Titu praises Gagan. He recalls Gagan’s words that he wants an intelligent life partner and asks Sonam. She answers silly and he asks is she joking. She talks stupidly and he holds his head. She says she will leave now and goes. He says what did I do, Sonam and Gagan are opposite, I will tell Gagan before he knows it. He calls Gagan and Gagan does not take call.

Preeti asks Sandeep when will he marry her and give divorce to Sandeep. Sandeep says he is staying with Chitra for her property, and asks her not to doubt on his love, he can’t stay without her. Chitra comes there and questions Sandeep about his affair. Sandeep denies his affair. Chitra goes to Titu and scolds him for his affair. Sandeep says leave him, he is in problem. Titu asks what. Sandeep asks Titu to please agree and tells fake story. Titu leaves. Sonam is still there and practices to meet Sonam. She hides and hears Titu and Sandeep talking.

Titu says I can’t lie, I love my wife. Sandeep asks him to help him for Chitra’s life. It all gets recorded in Sonam’s phone. Titu says he will tell this to his wife and can’t do anything. Sandeep says fine, but just tell her. Titu and Sandeep leave. Sonal hears this and thinks Titu is acting in real life, it will be fun to pull his leg. She takes her phone and leaves. Her anklet falls over there.

The family does arrangements to welcome Gagan. Gagan and Sonam meet. Hema asks them to get engaged. Panchi says I think they should talk once. Titu comes home and Hema tells him that Gagan and Sonam are liking each other. Titu thinks he forgot to tell Gagan and says it will be better to stop this relation here. Hema asks why is he saying this. Titu says I did mistake, Gagan and Sonam are different. Gagan says yes, he is right, this girl is very foolish. Hema asks what is he saying. Gagan says its true, she does not have mind, and asks Titu not to waste his time. He leaves. Sonam cries and leaves. Hema asks Titu did he get happy now, they made fun of Sonam, stop interfering in anyone’s matter, did we ask you to find guy for Sonam. She cries.

Panchi asks Titu never to interfere in other’s matter, she isn’t going to like any individual scolding him. He guarantees her. He thinks how to inform her about remaining stuck in Sandeep and Preeti’s issue. Dimple and Pari pacify Sonam. Sonam tells Hema that Gagan was handsome, she was in love with him. Pari normally takes her pictures. All of them just take selfies.

Govind asks Surekha not to fret, Sonam can get a pleasant guy. Rekha suggests how will be Dimple’s brother. Govind scolds her. Rekha states Gagan is not going to marry Sonam.

Titu asks Chitra to find out the truth. Sandeep and the personnel set the affair blame on Titu. Titu will get shocked.

Written Update By Sahir


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