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Tu Mera Hero 30th October 2015 Written Update

Surekha telling Rekha that its time to give Titu the Gutti/pandit’s medicinal liquid. Rekha says she has a way to give him Gutti, and shows the bottle. She misses it in the kheer and says now Titu will eat this. Surekha makes Titu have kheer. Titu says he missed the food. Hero comes and Titu sees him. He does not eat kheer and says I will just come. Rekha says spirit is doing this. Hero says I will wear kurta, sherwani got tight. He changes clothes and says now I have to make Juhi drink bhaang, I will get the bottle. Titu comes there and does not see Hero.

Rekha and Surekha catch Hero in same white kurta and asks him to have kheer. Hero refuses. Surekha insists and makes him have it. Juhi comes and says she likes kheer a lot. Hero gives her. Juhi likes it and takes more. Hero thinks to go to her and then he will give her bhaang dose. Surekha says now Titu will be fine, we will dispose this, else anyone can have it. Titu comes and asks Rekha to give him kheer. He eats the kheer and likes it. He says its very tasty, I will make Panchi have it too. Rekha worries and says is this Gutti affecting right or wrong. Surekha says don’t know, I think we need Gutti now.

Surekha says don’t worry, Titu will be fine till morning. Rekha sees Hero and thinks why is he going to Juhi’s room at this time. She says I m seeing something wrong. Surekha sees Titu taking kheer for Panchi and blesses them. She wishes their love is always strong. She says its all happening right. Rekha says no, this is sin and cries. Surekha says be quiet. Rekha asks what are you saying, what a bad world, this is kalyug. She asks Surekha to stop Titu. Surekha says we got our children doing this sin and laughs. Rekha faints.

Titu goes to Panchi. She says she was waiting for him, did he get time. He says he will not go anywhere, he missed her a lot. She asks for her gift. He makes her have the kheer. Hero and Juhi are in bhaang effect and dance in her room. She falls on him. He says he feels a lot for her, but he is not Titu, he is Hero, he became Titu for her. She laughs.

Titu says he got a gift for Panchi, he has come for her, he fought with many difficulties, the one you is here is not Titu, he is my doppelganger, he came to get password from Juhi. He says I was kidnapped and he came in my place. Panchi laughs. They both get in bhaang state. Titu asks did she realize it was not him, he has sent message on shirt too, he missed her and they hug. She dances with Titu, while Hero is dancing with Juhi.

Gulshan and constable come somewhere very far. Constable worries as Gulshan does not know Titu has run away, and gets an idea. He says Gulshan will not leave me, and starts acting. He says Titu has run away, I think you did not lock this door. Gulshan says are you mad, boss will kill me. Juhi was saying password which has 50 crores, what to do now, I think Titu did not reach there, else Hero would have called, lets go Surekha Sadan.

Panchi wakes up and holds her head. She suggests Titu said so a lot of things, what did he say. She will get the lense and states who wears lenses within our home. She remembers Titu’s text and will get shocked. Hero holds his head and will come out. Titu also coms out and so they see one another. Hero retains his feet and apologizes. He suggests your family enjoys you madly, I didn’t see true appreciate in my lifetime. Titu scolds him that he is changing shades. Hero says no, I can’t cheat them, forgive me, give me opportunity to rectify my slip-up. Titu says good, I have no other selection, enable me in addressing Gulshan, but when loved ones is familiar with this twins, they will be unhappy. Hero suggests They are going to be shocked. Titu says I’ll speak to Panchi after which Consider what to do. Hero suggests I will talk to Juhi.

Titu goes to Panchi. She beats him and states you kidnapped my Titu, tell me exactly where is he. Hero goes to Juhi and she stops him. She calls him cheater and asks what occurred amongst us. He claims I don’t know. She suggests you will be married, receiving closer to me is sin, Panchi is your spouse. Titu claims quit Panchi, its me. Panchi claims you stole my Titu’s experience. Hero says Titu can’t make this happen, I’m able to do that, I m not Titu, I m his lookalike. Juhi is stunned.

Titu and Hero see complete relatives and Juhi tied. The family members gets shocked seeing two Titu.

Written Update By Amena


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