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Tu Mera Hero 2nd November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Titu asking the men to see the diamonds as its going to Gulshan now. He shows them the diamonds and makes it fall on the ground. They all fight for the diamonds, while Titu, Pinky and Hero free family, Panchi and Juhi. Gulshan and his men fight. Titu asks Rekha to come, that’s diamonds, not any food. The goons hold Rekha. Titu says save Rekha. Govind beats the goons and fires the bullet in the air.

Golu brings Kamlesh and police force there. Kamlesh arrests Gulshan and his men. Rekha gets a diamond and says 50 lakhs. Kamlesh takes the diamond and says great Rekha ji, thanks. Rekha gets sad. Kamlesh says Pinky has called us to come here. Pinky recalls Panchi signing her to call her dad. Kamlesh says we wanted this gang, where are more diamonds. Titu says I have it.

He shows the diamond bag and says this is real diamonds, we use fake properties in shooting. Kamlesh says well done Titu, and Hero did good work to decide to come on right path, I m happy. Gulshan says I will come back. Kamlesh leaves with them. The family looks at Titu and Hero. Govind stops Titu and Panchi from saying anything. He calls Hero to him. Hero gets tensed.

Govind laughs and everyone smile. Govind says now I have two sons. He asks Hero does he have to say anything. Hero cries and says you all are good people, so I learnt loving, I love you all, I love Juhi too. They all get surprised. Rekha and everyone say Juhi… and smile. Juhi gets shy and goes. Titu asks Panchi toi go to Juhi.

Panchi and Bhagwati go to Juhi and talk about Hero. She says maybe we can clear your confusion, talk to us, Hero said his feelings infront of everyone. Juhi says I don’t understand, I thought he is Titu, your husband, but whenever we came close, I felt his love, I did not know why is it happening, now I know he is Hero, not Titu. I respect Hero, but I don’t know well, his intention to come in this house was lie and deceive, I know this family’s love changed him, what if he changes again.

Hero waits for Juhi. Rekha asks him to stop and slow down his speed. Vaishaili says don’t worry, Juhi will say yes. Surekha says Hero has expressed his true feelings, Juhi will agree. Vaishaili thinks now two sons to get more attention. Juhi says can I love Hero. Panchi asks her not to think much. Juhi says its important decision of my life. Titu comes and says even Hero does not know you, he loved you from true heart and he believes you are good hearted, even you are liar, you lied to family and even police, but Hero did not see all this, he knows you did this as per situation.

He says Hero showed smartness, he is good hearted, he was acting to be Panchi’s husband, but did not go close to her. Panchi says yes. Titu says Hero’s intention was good, he loves Juhi. He asks Juhi to think fast, else Hero will bring any heroine. Juhi smiles. Govind asks Hero not to worry, Titu and Panchi decided to make Juhi his bride, they will bring Juhi, they do what they decide. Titu says exactly, we have come. Juhi comes and smiles. Hero gets happy seeing her nod and thanks everyone. He hugs everyone and goes to hug Juhi. Surekha says have patience, now take blessings from your parents too.

Hero states but they… Govind claims what ever, moms and dads are always moms and dads, regardless of what blunder kids do, mothers and fathers forgive, youngsters also needs to forgive mom and dad whenever they do blunder. Hero and Juhi choose elder’s blessings. Hero and Juhi talk with Titu and Panchi. Titu jokes about marriage. Hero claims Titu, I took your encounter wondering I can get achievements, but I understood development On this home, I received Juhi here, we will go away and usually keep in mind what we learnt right here, many thanks and sorry for The difficulty. Pan chi hugs Juhi. Titu hugs Hero. Hero and Juhi leave.

Titu massages Govind’s legs in the evening and talks to Govind and Surekha. He gets psychological as he has stayed away from them For several days. He claims I missed you a lot. Surekha claims even we missed you, I felt its not you. Titu cries and hugs them. Titu leaves. Govind says he did not give time to one another though running shop. She claims yes, it was screening time, so we have been observing blissful days far too. He says I built you lots of claims and will not satisfy, I will usually have tea created by you all my everyday living, but she forgot just one promise. She asks what. He suggests include me.

Vaishaili hears Govind telling Surekha about one plot, which they will keep for someone. Vaishaili says on whose name are they keeping this property.

Written Update By Amena


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