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Tu Mera Hero 2nd July 2015 Written Episode Update

Your Episode starts off using Titu preparing within morning. He / she isn’t going to find their clothes in addition to appears all around. Panchi comes in addition to claims the girl appreciates currently he has started carrying out their function, he became tough doing the job, yet he can be care-free within couple of things, currently her function starts off. Your woman assists them within dressing in addition to he joy finding her. Your woman claims this became her aspiration, appreciate it for making the item correct. He / she retains her encounter in addition to claims aspiration numerous currently, Let me satisfy every. He / she smooches her brow in addition to will go. Bhagwati requests Sundar to own some food. Panchi brings the sizzling jalebis. Surekha requests the reason why Sundar relaxing upset. Bhagwati claims he stated he has abdominal soreness. Titu comes. Surekha requests Sundar to hear Titu, he’ll acquire okay.

Titu requests precisely what transpired. Bhagwati claims he failed to head out school. Titu requests will be this particular any justification not to go to school, otherwise your chocolate bars cancel. Sundar claims My partner and i don’t have soreness. All of them look. Titu claims school will be imp, it is best to head out, otherwise you may turn into such as us, next in case you don’t acquire any individual such as Panchi to change people. Sundar claims okay. Titu claims Let me acquire chocolate bars available for you. He / she requests Surekha in order to hurry upward, he or she is receiving later. Panchi serves halwa. Bhagwati claims Keshav isn’t going to such as halwa. Panchi claims the girl built gujiya too. Rekha takes the item in addition to Bhagwati claims ghee seriously isn’t great for her. Many people look.

Govind takes the halwa. Titu claims he or she is performed in addition to Panchi signals them. Titu joy in addition to explains to Govind with regards to Golu’s union. Many people acquire happy. Surekha claims Let me go to Alankraj maharah and get mahurat. Rekha perceives the reason why do many people put bills about them. Govind claims very easy have glucose. Panchi preferences the item in addition to claims i am sorry, My partner and i did not remember to include glucose within hurry. He / she claims okay, their appetizing. Your woman claims Titu failed to notice this particular. Surekha claims indeed, precisely what transpired currently, he has had sugarless halwa. Govind claims he has altered plus they look.

Rekha pertains to Surekha in addition to is situated discussing with her with regards to mango pickles. Surekha goes with Pinky. Vaishaili pertains to Rekha in addition to requests where by would each goes. Rekha claims keep area, We’ve routed these individuals. Vaishaili claims recall whats within storeroom in addition to rushes. Rekha claims precisely what would I really do, whats presently there in addition to recalls the remain in addition to solution. Titu goes to look in addition to Chandu requests Titu in order to stay within Govind’s place. Keshav claims their Govind’s place. Govind claims he or she is pleased of which their child will be having their place. Titu claims zero, the item won’t appear good. Govind claims it turned out their aspiration to see them, satisfy my own aspiration currently, come, stay right here. Keshav becomes mad. Govind gives the risk-free secrets in order to Titu.

He / she blesses Titu in addition to goes for some function. Vaishaili in addition to Rekha appear upon, since Surekha, Bhagwati in addition to Pinky have the remain. Surekha claims she’ll question Govind regarding it, perhaps their my dad within laws. Many people laugh. Vaishaili in addition to Rekha be concerned. Panchi cell phone calls Titu in addition to requests them after that he have within lunch time. He / she claims anything you such as, My partner and i mirielle active currently in addition to ends call up. Panchi claims she’ll make their fav food. Vaishali appears upon in addition to actually leaves.

Rekha goes to Surekha’s area in addition to claims Vaishaili possesses routed us right here in order to rob the remain. Your woman provides the remain in addition to sees Govind on its way. Your woman covers in addition to he actively seeks Surekha. He / she goes to observe wardrobe. He / she sees Hema’s photo in addition to foretells the item. He / she claims he enjoys her a good deal, in addition to he can’t say to this particular infront involving Surekha. He / she sings hame tumse pyaar kitna………. jee nai sakte tumhare bina……..

He / she hears Surekha in addition to retains the photo returning. He / she actually leaves. Rekha comes in addition to claims their old love could have trapped us, Let me place this particular get noticed. Vaishaili requests Panchi to make any other dish. Panchi claims Let me make Titu’s fav dish in addition to Pinky teases her. Many people laugh. Govind sees gals obtaining vegs. He / she claims he has come to carry some reports and is leaving currently. Rekha covers in addition to appears upon. Surekha deals with the begs. Rekha claims she’s not finding any individual, she’ll place the remain coming from rooftop in addition to Vaishaili signals her. Rekha starts off planning.

Bhagwati claims where by will be Rekha planning. Rekha becomes surprised finding these individuals. Bhagwati claims Dada ji’s remain. Vaishali protrusions straight into Panchi in addition to creates her tumble. All people go to observe Panchi. Vaishaili requests Rekha to cover the remain. Surekha claims I managed to get this particular available area, and gives the item in order to Panchi to keep the remain in addition to walk through their help. Rekha problems. Vaishaili perceives many people got the remain, after that take place currently.

Surekha requests Panchi would the girl really feel Titu’s transform weird. Panchi claims he or she is unlike just before.

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