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Tu Mera Hero 29th August 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sudheer’s mum speaking with some relative and indicating about Sudheer’s marriage happening soon, as being the Female trapped him. She hears Surekha telling about some magic formula of Pinky. Pinky comes to Sudheer and many thanks him for marrying her. He receives glad and happy. Mukund tells Vaishaili that he lost The task and she or he will get concerned. Pinky thinks she will be able to’t bear Sudheer. Panchi asks Titu is he All set. He suggests he can’t memorize lines. She asks him not To place pressure on tiny brain. He says modest brains will probably be yours, my Mind is like Chacha Chaudhry.

Sudheer’s mum asks Rekha about The trick connected to Pinky. Rekha tells smaller things. Surekha tells Govind that she loves him when he does this matters that can help small children. He says he receives glad and loves her when she gets shy. He claims its destined to be twelve, where by is Pinky. Surekha states she’s not in her place. Sudheer’s mum hears this and thinks whats going on. Rekha will get asleep.

Titu, Panchi and everyone cover and seem on. Sudheer retains Pinky’s hand. Titu symptoms Govind and so they put some pink lights, smoke, horrific Motion picture there. Sudheer asks whats taking place. Pinky don’t be frightened, I m with you. Titu states He’s declaring dialogues, We’ll see who gets worried now. Pinky applies some make-up and scares Sudheer. Sudheer asks what took place to her. Sudheer’s mum will come there and will get stunned. Panchi claims he wished to marry, now he ought to marry. All of them make sounds to scare Sudheer. His mum will come there. Everybody appear there and halt Pinky.

Titu and Bhagwati prevent Pinky. Sudheer’s mum asks ended up they hiding this. Sudheer’s mum asks whats all this. Surekha and Govind notify a couple of evil spirit coming on Pinky. She all scare Sudheer and his mum. Sudheer suggests its fantastic I have viewed All of this, its extremely auspicious, my aunty has spirit on her and it proved fantastic, we regret that she died and my destiny turned down, now Pinky will feature this spirit and acquire my destiny back again, don’t get worried, I will handle Pinky. All of them get shocked and giggle.

Titu and Panchi communicate and Consider whats going on that Sudheer is not really refusing for relationship. Sudheer’s mum suggests she’ll break the wedding., Sudheer laughs and throws the glass. He claims This can be all an acting, drama, Titu, Panchi and everyone is fooling us to create us refuse for marriage. She asks how did he know this. He suggests he has heard Titu speaking with Pinky. He claims he will not refuse for relationship, Pinky is his enthusiasm and may just marry him, Titu and Panchi can’t do anything at all. Panchi claims is he any psycho that he is not affected by anything at all.

Titu says I feel Sudheer doubts on us. Panchi says its just some time to dawn, relationship will transpire these days. Rekha presents the bridal gown to Pinky and apologizes to her. She talks to her that her relationship is imp In fact that defaming. Pinky says all the things might be good, don’t fret. Titu tells Panchi that he will not crack his promise, they’re going to speak to Govind and stop this marriage. She nods.

Panchi prays for Pinky’s marriage to stop.

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