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Tu Mera Hero 26th October 2015 Written Update

Hero leaving to get Titu’s signs. Rekha follows him in the rickshaw. Hero sees Rekha following him and says why is she after me now. He sees a lonely road coming and asks the richshaw man to take left. The another driver says I won’t take rickshaw there, there are ghosts. Rekha worries and thinks Titu has some spirit on him. She gets shocked as a leaf falls there.

Panchi gets the papers and says why is Titu signing again and again, like practice. She says is Titu is any big problem, what is he hiding, what is it, which I m unable to see, whats the meaning of what he said today. She sits thinking. Rekha comes on lonely road to find Titu, and is scared. She sees someone and screams. Hero scares her by acting as ghost. Rekha screams and asks him to let him go.

Gulshan waits for Hero. Hero comes there in white clothes, and says he did this acting to send off Rekha, he got clothes from acting company. He asks where is Titu. Gulshan asks him to come. Titu gets angry seeing Hero and raises hand. Hero says stop, even I want to end this soon and leave your home, I m irritated staying there, sign on this cheque. Titu says I won’t. Hero says I want to get free from your home. Titu says fine, you have to change shirt with me. Hero asks why. Titu says I m in same shirt since days. Hero says fine, sign first. Titu signs on the cheque. Hero changes the shirt with Titu. Gulshan comes and Hero says I m Hero, not Titu. The constable says yes, they changed clothes infront of me. Titu wishes Panchi gets to know the truth.

Rekha tells everyone that they will call tantrik to treat Titu. Surekha says I will fight with witch myself. Rekha says Surekha does not the witch. Surekha gets water for Govind. Hero comes home and gives the cheque to Govind. Rekha hides seeing him. Surekha praises Titu and asks Govind to take cheque. Govind hugs Hero. They all smile. Hero holds him and smiles.

Govind blesses Titu and takes cheque. Hero goes to Juhi and makes her talk to her sister on videochat. Juhi thinks she can trust him and tells him about the murder case. She says she has seen the old businessman dying, and when the man said something in her ear, the goons have seen this and got after me. He asks what did the man say. She is about to say him. He sees Panchi coming and says he is unable to understand anything, they will talk in morning.

He goes out and Panchi asks did Juhi say just about anything. He claims very little, Juhi slept. Juhi appears to be like on and claims they enjoy each other, why is he lying to Panchi, am I hurrying to believe in him. Hero comes in room and thinks what to do. He talks to Panchi and makes excuses. He eliminates his shirt and keeps it there. He goes. Panchi thinks whats happening currently. She remembers her terms and says she has told Titu that she will get new Titu, did he say this turned legitimate, how can this occur, new Titu? She sees his shirt and thinks he has worn Various other shirt in morning, and this shirt is of anniversary evening.

Golu calls Hero and asks him to view a rushing auto. Hero will get strike and falls down. Golu cries.

Written Update By Amena


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