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Tu Mera Hero 21 October 2015 Written Update

Tu Mera Hero watch online

Everyone caring for Hero as he falls down. Juhi looks at him. He angrily looks at Juhi and says he is fine. Titu tries to get the phone. The guard goes off to bathroom. Titu gets the phone and calls Panchi. Her number is not reachable. He then calls home. He wishes Panchi, Surekha or someone takes the phone. Surekha goes to take the call and he hears her. He says Maiyya and call ends. He keeps the phone as guard comes back. Surekha says she felt it was Titu.

Hero talks to his friends and says what will he do when his friends have no time for him. He is hurt and argues with them. Golu and Mathura Das do situps and say they will come with him. Hero says fine. They bring jalebis and he tries to avoid sweets. Sundar comes and says Panchi is calling him, she asked him to take her out. Golu says Panchi is going, so we should leave them alone. He refuses to come. Hero insists. They both run away. Hero takes Panchi out.

He states try to be aggravated with me. She claims no, you questioned time for operate. She suggests I do know you got helpful with Juhi According to your program. He gets worried. She suggests you look lovable and flirts with him. He tries averting her and she sings and dances for him within the song O mere sona re…………. she smiles and walks ahead. Hero receives relieved. Panchi concerns exactly the same area in which Titu is locked. She knocks there. Hero asks where by is she going. Hero suggests I have obtained drinking water, appear. Titu asks who’s there. Panchi claims an individual referred to as. Hero asks her to return and so they leave. Hero phone calls Gulshan and asks him to tell him when they change spots. Gulshan scolds him and asks him to go the operate for which he has long gone. Hero sees Panchi smiling and thinks she did not recognize something.

Hero will get gifts for everybody. They all get puzzled looking at his alternative of gifts. All of them issue him concerning the present. Hero suggests its your fav things, you want it appropriate. Vaishaili asks Panchi why did Titu get this, is he so miser, see he has promised another thing. They return the presents and depart. Hero receives considering what did Titu guarantee to reward them, how to understand. He thinks Rekha wants reward, what shall I get. Juhi is warning me, and Panchi is getting nearer to me. He sees Juhi coming out of her area.

He claims she may be very intelligent, I am able to’t drop by her, else I will be stuck. He states I m hero by identify, how to proceed. Juhi attempts to run absent from your home and Hero stops her. They both equally get down from the cloth. He closes eyes and holds her. She seems to be at him.

Panchi states I understand Juhi appreciates password which law enforcement needs. Hero suggests you are extremely clever, Titu is incredibly lucky that he got you.

Written Update By Sahir


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