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Tu Mera Hero 20 October 2015 Written Update

Tu Mera Hero watch online

Juhi asking Sundar to give the kerchief. Hero talks to Golu and thinking who is this other friend. Golu asks Hero to call the friend’s name. Hero does not know the name and smiles. He thinks what to do and takes random names. Hero says Mathura Das after hearing Panchi. Sundar gives the kerchief to Keshav and Juhi looks on. Keshav says its not mine. Hero apologizes to Panchi. Vaishaili says this is Titu’s kerchief. Juhi hears this and says I will not leave him. Titu says I will come to my Panchi soon.

Panchi tells Hero that they should think about their child, its time they get a child. Hero gets tensed and goes to bathroom. She calls out Titu. Titu feels like hearing her and misses her a lot. He does not eat. The constable eats the food and asks him to eat too. Titu refuses to eat. Panchi asks Hero to come out. Heroi makes excuse of having stomach upset. She asks what is he doing. He asks her not to come and wait. He says he has to prepare lines for his ad shoot.

She asks how did he take time to prepare for ad. Titu thinks constable can help him, if he praises him. He starts praising the constable and says he misses his wife a lot. He asks him to let him talk to his wife once. The constable plays with Titu and they call on Hero’s phone. Panchi takes the call and says hello. The man comes and stops Titu from talking to Panchi. The man talks to Panchi and acts like selling washing powder. Titu bites his hand. Panchi scolds the man and ends call. Hero comes there. She gets annoyed and goes to sleep. Hero thinks its good Panchi is annoyed. She feels he has changed, it feels like he is stranger. She sleeps.

Hero talks to Bhushan and says the family will find out, everyone loves each other here, I will go mad by love, such love is impossible, maybe its acting, they may have greed, my family was true and had hatred. He says Panchi is not pregnant, it was all a misunderstanding. Bhushan repeats and laughs. Titu hears this and says maybe Lord wants Panchi to get pregnant when I m around her to take care for her, but how did this big confusion happen, anything can happen in my family.

Its morning, Govind prays and sits to browse newspaper. Panchi dries her hair and Hero drops the h2o pot on Govind. Govind starts off shouting on him and asks will he kill him. Panchi smiles and runs. Juhi is teaching the rope wander to Sundar. Rekha is busy getting pakodas. Juhi waits for Sundar and asks him to acquire anybody elder, else he will get damage. She asks him to simply call Titu. Hero will come there and many thanks Juhi for instructing Sundar. She asks him to try very first. He claims what is going to I do, you educate Sundar. She suggests Sundar can get confidence looking at you, don’t be frightened, else how can Sundar get it done.

Sundar and Rekha check with Titu to do so. Juhi teaches rope strolling to Hero. Vaishaili and Bhagwati see him. They see Rekha ingesting and chortle. Hero walks effectively. Rekha praises Juhi and gets up within the chair. Hero falls down. Juhi warns him not to determine anything in her home, else he will be more hurt up coming time.

Titu phone calls at your house and desires another person normally takes call. Surekha usually takes the decision. Titu suggests Maiyya……….

Written Update By Sahir


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