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Tu Mera Hero 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Titu saying he will not sit at shop, as he will go to shop to work hard. They all get happy. Govind says he is my son, our business got the real owner now. Keshav feels bad and leaves. Bhagwati goes after him. Govind asks them to come. Panchi comes to Surekha and finds her sad. She talks to her and asks her will she be happy without the family, she can’t be happy with Titu’s mum and dad, and says they are imp to her. She asks her to go to Titu and shower love. She says she is sad and Titu is also sad there, and asks her to come. Govind says no need for this and shows her Titu. He signs Panchi and they turn.

Titu stays sad. Surekha asks him to come and hug her. Titu hugs her. Panchi hugs them and they smile. Rekha gets glad seeing the laddoos. Vaishaili comes and says she can see laddoos, and not see the days that they can come on road. Rekha says no, Keshav and Mukund will rule even if Titu and Panchi are here. Vaishaili taunts her for being so foolish and not being at one place.

Manorama calls Rekha and says she missed her, Titu has changed so there is nothing spicy news, so she has gone Mumbai with her family. Rekha says her only friend is going. Manorama says she will call her Mumbai too. Rekha says no one can stop me from eating the laddoos and eats it happily. Golu says why did Panchi call me here. Panchi comes to him and says she has come to tell him about Cheeni, he is Brahmachari and till when will she stay at her dad’s home, so I m thinking to get Cheeni married. He says he became brahmachari for you and Titu. She says yes, but you are still such.

He says send her to my room. She says no, she can’t stay like that. He says he is now… Titu comes with Cheeni. Golu says he is not brahmachari now. They smile.

Rest comming soon.

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