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Tu Mera Hero 16th October 2015 Written Update

Govind and everyone waiting for Titu. Govind asks Titu to come, as Panchi is waiting. Juhi looks at the chandelier. They all see the chandelier falling down, when Panchi is standing below it. Panchi looks at the entrance and is lost. Everyone call out Panchi. Titu comes there and gets worried seeing the chandelier falling. He runs to rescue Panchi. Panchi recalls their first meeting in the magic show and smiles. Titu makes the flower fall over Panchi by colliding with some guy and holds the rope on time, thus stopping the chandelier. Juhi thinks she did not wish to hurt Panchi, and just wanted to run.

Everyone smile seeing Titu’s heroic entry. Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam ……………plays………….Panchi smiles seeing Titu. Everyone clap for them. The constable takes Titu by tying him. Titu cries and recalls how he has got flowers for Panchi. He was shocked seeing his lookalike in same clothes. He was then hurt and taken away. Panchi and fake Titu cut the cake and celebrate their first meeting. Titu is brought by the goons and beaten up. He asks the man why did he get him here. Titu is chained and asks who is he.

He recalls Panchi and gets sad. The man laughs and says he has sent his lookalike to his home, its all his plan. The constable tells about Juhi, they will kill her before she tells anything, she knows something which they want to know. He says when we got to know she is staying in your room, we found someone who can kept in your house as Titu, who can get info from Juhi, then we got such person who wanted to become hero like you, we did plastic surgery and gave him your face. He says don’t worry, our hero will keep your family with love. Titu cries.

Vaishaili says the entry appeared of hero. Surekha tells Mukund that jhumar ought to have been preset proper. Rekha defends Mukund. Rekha asks Bhagwati to receive chaat for her. Phony Titu appears at Juhi. Bhagwati asks Rekha to not eat chaat, as she may have acidity. Surekha says day has passed, its 1 calendar year of Panchi and Titu’s very first Assembly. All of them recall what happened previous 12 months. Surekha tells that Titu bought saved from the bull. Bhagwati claims no, by bahuriya. Surekha says Certainly, Titu explained to us about bahuriya, and asks Titu does he recall. Bogus Titu thinks how will I keep in mind this and smiles.

Vaishaili suggests I missed it, and asks Titu to enact it once again. Govind asks him to start. Phony Titu thinks how to proceed now. Panchi asks Titu to get started on. Fake Titu would make excuse and tells some random Tale to confuse them. They all smile. Panchi lights the candles and decorates the place. She claims she has to do anything Particular for Titu these days. Phony Titu is available in the room. He tries ignoring her. She suggests We’re going to celebrate at the present time nicely. She receives near him and coughs. She goes.

Panchi sleeps and he stops her hand from falling on him. He thinks He’ll turn into a sinner if he does this acting of her husband. He wears specs and goes out. Rekha sees him. He will get tensed.

Titu entertains the constable and fools him for getting his legs freed.

Written Update By Sahir


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