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Tu Mera Hero 14th October 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Hema and Sonam endeavoring to idiot the DJ. Hema will take the audio CD till Sonam can make him occupied. Sonam states she is fine now and goes. The tunes starts off and each of the girls get started dancing in Garba contest. Surekha and her team are past to perform. DJ claims their Cd is not in this article. Surekha asks how can this materialize. The man says your group can’t take part devoid of cd. Titu states This is certainly dishonest, how can CD go. Hema taunts Rekha and Surekha and laughs.

Panchi says I’ve viewed CD to them. Titu states wonderful, We’ll do Bhajan Kirtan, thanks for this concept, now We’ll do Garba on our Bhajan, you all see. Hema and her crew gets puzzled and Believe what is going to they are doing now. Titu states Rekha’s bhajan is our delight and asks her to discover. Rekha states how will I sing. Surekha asks her not to worry. Titu offers her mic and asks her to indicate her expertise and voice, for making them acquire. Every person clap. Hema says now Rekha will sing, so It will probably be five girls, This is often dishonest, make them out and declare the winner.

The man takes the mic and says today’s winner is…. Manorama comes and says stop, I have come. Rekha says my friend has come. Manorama says no one can rule out Agarwal family. Titu jokes on her and tells Panchi that she is helping today. Manorama says she came here and came to know about Garba contest. She asks Surekha about Hema and neighbors. They laugh.

Manorama says its decided, she will do Garba and hugs Surekha to make her win. Govind thinks they learnt Garba when I stopped them. They all start Garba while Titu sings the bhajan. Rekha sings with Titu. Everyone clap for Surekha and her team. They win the contest and are declared the winners. Hema and her team get upset. Govind gets tensed and goes out. Titu says we have… Govind asks why don’t they listen to him, I stopped you all from learning Garba. Surekha says listen…

Govind asks them to value money. He is called on stage for aarti and chadava. Govind goes on the stage. Titu tells Panchi that dad did not listen anything and went on stage. Panchi worries. The pandit welcomes Govind and tells about big chadava by Govind. Govind thinks he is so sorry to Surekha as she thinks this plate has money, but its empty. Surekha asks him to give chadava. The pandit shows the money in the plate and everyone clap. Govind gets shocked. The family smiles. Titu signs Surekha and thinks in FB how he got the cash by winning the contest and kept it in the chadava plate. He asked the man not to tell anyone about this. The man says I respect you more for this step to save your dad’s pride and love.

Surekha tells Govind that they won 5 lakhs in Garba contest. Titu smiles. Govind says person will learn everything when he learns to give. He says he felt money should not be given, but he was wrong, I learnt from Titu, money comes in home to give happiness and peace, to help people. He says he is proud of Titu, that he is my son, I m nothing without my family, I want to do aarti with my family. Govind hugs Titu. They all get glad and do the aarti. Surekha hugs everyone. Govind says sorry Titu. Titu says we came to know everything, we took part in this contest to support you. They together do the aarti.

The health care provider tells constable that he has accomplished plastic operation, the hero is just like the pic now. Panchi argues with Titu and is particularly annoyed with him. He guesses whats Distinctive these days. She states I will make One more Titu, who will bear in mind all this. He suggests I m for my Panchi, no you can arrive among us. The man receives shocked observing the hero hunting like Titu. Panchi will get Kamlesh’s connect with and receives shocked. She seems at Titu.

The person tells the hero that he has a giant game, the girl has occur there. Titu… I will do his actual amusement.

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