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Tu Mera Hero 12th October 2015 Written Update

Tu Mera Hero watch online

Vaishaili talking to Mukund about Govind cutting expenses. He asks her to take parlor appointment by sending Pinky. He leaves. Surekha asks Sundar to find everything. Sundar says don’t worry, I will find all secrets and come, I m super spy. He runs. Govind and Keshav come. Govind asks them to save money and it will be good. They leave for shop. Golu holds Sundar and they try to see Hema and her family. Sundar sees them preparing for Garba and they are dancing, its big planning. Golu asks him to see well.

Titu is on the way and rickshaw man stops. A guy clicks his pic. Titu talks to constable and asks why did they shut way. The constable tells about someone’s murder. The constable signs the guy. Sundar tells the family everything and says we have to win. Golu says I heard they need 6 members to play Garba. Titu brings the choreographer there and says they got late by some murder case. Panchi says its big case, and dad went for it. he said it involves a girl.

Titu asks Surekha and everyone to start practice, Govind should not know this. Rekha says yes, but we have to practice. Panchi says who will manage the storm when Govind comes. They all ask Titu. Titu refuses. Pari comes there to spy on their preparations. Sundar stops her at the door and they argue. Titu asks the women to take a break and gets snacks for them. Sundar and Pari run inside the home. Govind comes home and calls out Surekha. He comes inside and sees them dancing. They all start clapping to beat mosquitoes and hide the choreographer. He asks were they dancing. Surekha says its because he has shut fans and coolers. Titu asks Panchi to get food for Govind. He tries to send Govind away. Govind says I will go by walking and gets bitten by mosquito.

The male meets the health care provider and asks him to make hero’s encounter like Titu. The physician agrees to try and do plastic surgery. The person presents him the pic. Govind walks and isn’t going to just take rickshaw. Panchi tells Surekha that Govind went by yourself, when Titu desired to go along. Govind thinks how to get via the procession, he has cash poor. He falls down and hugs the bag.

Titu will come and asks what occurred. Surekha tells Govind has absent to provide revenue from bank and did late. Panchi suggests its very late, we tried to get in touch with, he isn’t using phone. Titu saks them not to fret. Govind’s bag gets in air by a man’s force and all the money falls down. The men and women loot The cash and he cries losing all the money. Titu and Panchi come to Surekha and tease her for missing Govind. Panchi suggests Surekha enjoys Govind a good deal. Surekha talks to them about Govind. She says she will never ever remain without having Govind, she’s fearful for him, he has got far too late. Titu claims he will appear. They laugh.

The plastic surgeon can make a hero get Titu’s encounter. The person thinks now It will likely be fun.

Written Update By Sahir


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