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Tu Mera Hero 10th November 2015 Written Update

Tu Mera Hero watch online

Keshav telling Mukund that they will apologize to client. Mukund agrees. Keshav calls munshi and says we want to apologize to client, can you fix meeting, Munshi says client took case back, nothing to worry, happy diwali and ends call. Keshav says client took case back. Mukund says but how, he was very angry. Keshav says Tau ji… Panchi asks them to come, they are lighting first diya of Diwali. Everyone come there. Bhagwati asks for Vaishaili. Vaishaili is not at home.

Govind says he will give shagun and think this is last shagun. He asks Panchi to get shagun. Panchi gives the mobile phone to Rekha. Mukund asks why this. Titu says sometimes a mobile can get big truth out, as we don’t see things, like Surekha looks strict but is loving. He jokes in humor way and says this phone has a secret. Mukund says we did not understand. Panchi calls Vaishaili’s mum. Panchi talks as Vaishaili. Vaishaili’s mum says I know there is something around you, I was calling you, its good mahurat to get papers signed today, I can’t believe, your aim to trap Mukund is getting done, your dad did illegal thing and went jail, I will think of something by Mukund’s property, even if they know, nothing will happen. Mukund and Rekha get shocked. Everyone look on.

Mukund cries and says Vaishaili has trapped me for marriage, our relation has greed. Rekha consoles him. He says she cheated me. Surekha lights diya at home and cries. She talks to her mum in law’s pic and says she tried to save Rekha and Mukund from Vaishaili, they are hurt, give them strength. Rekha asks why did they tell truth today, Mukund is hurt now, they are hiding their mistakes by showing Vaishaili’s mistakes, I know Vaishaili is greedy, but they also broke our trust, I want to know why did they do this.

Panchi and Titu have a talk. Panchi says they will feel we are more wrong. Titu says yes, Mukund is hurt, Vaishaili has made everyone against us, now our brothers have to take the decision. Rekha says I will ask Govind and Surekha. Mukund says stop, we have answer within us. Keshav says yes, we know Vaishaili well, she has greed always and she made us hate Govind and Surekha, she told us about property thing. Mukund says yes, we don’t know did she say true or not. Keshav says yes, we have to decide well. Bhagwati nods. Rekha agrees.

Vaishaili gets ready and comes from parlor. Golu compliments her and she asks him to get his friends to work for Mukund. She says she is becoming owner and sends him. She thinks all her dreams will be fulfilled. She fell in love with Mukund and family, and lost her aim, but now time has come to get everything. Vaishaili comes home and sees everyone. She thinks why did they wear the clothes got by Govind, maybe they are doing this to take Govind’s sign on papers.

Govind asks pandit to do puja, for the shop named on Keshav and Mukund’s name. Keshav and Mukund think who they went to Govind’s room and checks the legal papers. The pandit asks the house Laxmi to do aarti. Surekha says Rekha will do the aarti today and smiles. Rekha gets teary eyed. She cries and does aarti. She recalls, Keshav and Mukund telling Rekha and Bhagwati that Govind bought property on Sundar’s name to secure his future, they are very good.

Rekha receives dizzy and Surekha retains her. She claims she is there to manage her, don’t get worried. Rekha cries and hugs Surekha. She apologizes and holds her feet. Mukund and Keshav cry and apologize to Govind holding his feet. Govind hugs them. Vaishaili thinks they began all over again. Rekha claims I had been Completely wrong, if Rekha is in Surekha’s name, how could I different you, forgive me. Rekha suggests she is going to regard her sister from coronary heart and returns the keys. Surekha hugs her they usually cry.

Vaishaili gets puzzled. Keshav suggests we have been satisfied now. Vaishaili asks whats going on, why did they don clothes which Govind acquired for them. Mukund scolds her. Rekha claims I’ll talk to her. Rekha hugs Vaishaili and states she planned to thank Vaishaili, if she did not provoked them, she could not know the loved ones enjoy. Mukund suggests Vaishaili lied, exactly where is her father, when will he appear from jail, court docket took your father’s assets, you don’t have any property, I know the truth, your mum instructed anything why you married me, you experimented with to interrupt a spouse and children. He claims I really loved you, why did you do that. All people search on.

Govind says someone is coming in this house. Surekha asks who, is it any women. The man says its here. They all see who came.

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