Star Plus’ Saathiya (Rashmi Sharma Productions) will bring about a huge revelation with regards to the track of Nayya (Pratibha Tiwari).

According to the continued track, the Woman has become making a storm in your home by secretively urging Meera (Tanya Sharma) to find the adoption papers of Priyal signed by Shravan (Kunal Singh) and Vidya (Sonam Lamba).

Within the approaching observe, Nayya are going to be noticed acquiring personal with somebody by name Prakash. According to reviews, the character of Prakash will be played by Severe Rajput, who was past witnessed in Janbaaz Sindbad.

And here will arrive the massive revelation!! And that may be of Nayya NOT remaining a widow In point of fact!!

Certainly, you heard it ideal!!

According to credible resources, “Prakash will truly be Nayya’s genuine partner who might have survived the accident that will have transpired with the fingers of Shravan many years back again. The reality are going to be that Prakash’s dad and mom would’ve used their son’s wellness condition (coma) and would’ve faked his Loss of life to gain substantial sum of insurance policies.”

During the track ahead, viewers can get a first jolt when they may begin to see the man receiving nearer to Nayya. Prakash may even arrive in the home as their driver.

Is Nayya conscious of the truth? Are they hand in hand in all the recreation system?

We tried using contacting the actors concerned, but didn’t get through to them.

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