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Thapki Pyaar Ki 9th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shraddha rushing to Dhruv. She tells him that Vasundara broke his marriage with Thapki. He asks what are you saying. She says your mum is your enemy, she snatched your love and happiness, its better to not have a mum than having such mum. He slaps her hard. She gets shocked and her imagination ends. Dhruv asks what happened. She says I came to tell you that…Dadi and Vasundara come to Dhruv. Dadi says I had some work. Vasundara says Shraddha was telling something to Dhruv, let her complete. Dadi asks Shraddha what was she saying. Shraddha shows care for Dhruv. They smile. Vasundara and Dadi tell about special puja for the new member, you both have to do this. Dhruv agrees. Vasundara says so its decided, its tomorrow. Dhruv says I will get puja items. Shraddha says I have to break Vasundara’s secret out, I will do this, but how. She thinks to do something that her name does not come and Vasundara gets exposed.

Thapki asks Bihaan not to see her when she wears the short dress. She says if you see me in such clothes, I can’t wear it, promise me, no cheating, you will turn to other side and won’t see me. He says fine, promise, but you wear it. She nods. Thapki changes the dress and comes. Bihaan turns unknowingly. She hides behind curtains and asks him not to see her. He turns away. She walks to him and stands behind. He sees her in phone camera and says I can atleast see your face. She asks him not to turn back. She feels shy. He says fine, I will leave, you change the dress, find my fav blue tshirt, get that for me and my locker keys. She feels bad and stops him. she comes infront of him. He closes eyes and says what are you doing, you asked me not to see you and now coming infront of me. She says you can open eyes. He asks why. She says you can see me. He opens eyes and sees her. He compliments her and covers her with a blanket. He says you look more pretty in the clothes you like. She smiles. He says I will not ask you to wear such clothes again.

Vasundara gives Dhruv his childhood clothes. Dhruv smiles seeing baby clothes and says you have kept it till now, its so cute. She says its your time now, you will also keep your baby’s everything safe. He says I don’t know, the love, values you gave me, I would be able to give my baby or not, I feel scared, I don’t know I will be able to fulfill this big responsibility or not. She says you will do it well. She shows the toy Dhruv used to sleep with. He says you kept this too. She says it’s a sign of mum and son’s relation, how can I lose this. She keeps the toy and shows the lighting stars. He says you used to do this in childhood when I was upset, you used to cheer me up. He rests in her lap and tells her that he left his life’s all imp decisions to her, I know you will take care of everything, I have no worries. She cries and thinks I will always regret for what I did with you.

Vasundara switches off unnecessary lights at home. She sees Shraddha crying and asks is everything fine. Shraddha hugs her and cries. Vasundara says I understand your mood swings, come. Shraddha says I won’t get sleep now after knowing this big truth of yours. Vasundara asks my truth. Shraddha says I heard you and Thapki talking, when I was going to storeroom, I got to know the truth, you broke Thapki and Dhruv’s marriage. Vasundara gets tensed. Shraddha says you made Bihaan helpless to do all that. I did not know what to do and came here to cry, you asked me with love and I told the truth to you, I m so sorry, you don’t worry, the way Thapki did not say this to anyone, I promise I won’t say this secret to anyone. Vasundara hugs her and cries.

Vasundara says I m a bad mother. Shraddha says no, you can’t be bad, that situation and time was bad, I can’t believe you did this, how can you be so normal, when you see Thapki, Bihaan and Dhruv, you would remember everything and feel guilty, when we do mistake, you punish us, what will you punish yourself for this big mistake, you can’t punish yourself, I know you will be regretting a lot. Vasundara cries.

Shraddha says humans do mistakes, you are so good and think good for everyone, can’t they forgive your mistake, if we share our heart with anyone, heart gets light, I will not ask you to share this with anyone, you forget everything, I will not tell this to anyone, we will end this here, I will go now, Dhruv would be waiting. She goes. Vasundara cries. Shraddha smiles seeing her and thinks I will make Vasundara cry more, I will regret you more.

Bau ji asks Vasundara to leave the house. Bihaan asks Thapki to get Maa back. Thapki cries and promises to get Vasundara’s right back.

Written Update by Amena

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