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Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with the nurse telling everyone that she did this by her own thought, she wanted money and trapped Bihaan. She apologizes. Vasundara scolds her. Bau ji says she accepted her mistake and apologized, let her go. The nurse goes. Vasundara asks those ladies not to come in marriage and sends them. Dhruv stares at Shraddha and gets her to room. He asks her why did she save Bihaan. She says I did not know it was your plan. He says if I know that you are becoming hurdle in my plan, I won’t leave you. He goes. She says I m not helpless woman to give my husband to anyone else, I will become hurdle and do everything silently, I have saved Bihaan, as I heard you talking to nurse. FB shows Dhruv paying money to nurse and asking her to trap Bihaan. Shraddha says I have switched on handicam, I will never let Thapki become yours.

Thapki catches nurse and calls commissioner. She invites him in marriage and threatens nurse to say truth, else she will complain to commissioner. The nurse says I did this on Dhruv’s saying. Thapki gets shocked.

Thapki goes to Dhruv in the old room and sees him watching her in the video clip of office. She gets shocked. He asks did you come Thapki, I knew you will reach truth and then me. He shows their old memories. He reminds her the office days. She says I felt my words will affect you, but you did such a cheap thing with Bihaan. He says everything is fair in love and war. She says I don’t love you. He says but I love you.

She asks how shall I explain you, the passed time can’t come back. He says time did not pass for me, I m still standing at same point where you left me, I m waiting to make you mine, I will make this Shringhaar turn true. She says like this statue is lifeless, I have no feelings for you. He says don’t say this, I know you love me. She says Bihaan is in my heart, just my Bihaan. He gets angry and says your Bihaan………… He gets a lamp bulb and breaks it. She gets shocked and asks what are you doing. He takes the sparks to get his shock. She says wait, Dhruv Sir, stop. He gets the shock by the lamp and falls down. She asks what did you do, are you fine, anyone there to help, get up Sir. He gets conscious and says I have seen pain in your eyes for me, this is called love, you proved you love me, not Bihaan. She gets angry.

Dhruv gets up. Dhruv asks Thapki to accept this. He says you are just mine, Bihaan does not have status to be called this house’s son and your husband, I will stop this marriage, end this useless relation infront of everyone, come. He holds her hand. She controls her anger. He takes her. She frees her hand and shouts enough. She asks her not to say a word, what did he think, does he not feel difference between a statue and human, I told you hundred times, I don’t love you, Dhruv Sir…. Sir means respect, you were my idol, I wanted to become like you, I gave you place more than Lord, you can’t be called human. He shouts Thapki. She says lower your tone Dhruv Pandey…… He gets shocked.

She says I stammer, but I did not become mute, if you scolded me, I would have heard it, you scolded my husband my relation with Bihaan, which I will never bear. Bihaan did not do in big schools and can’t speak English like you, even he knows manners and goodness. She praises Bihaan and says his mind does not work in anger, but his mind does not think bad like you, I felt Lord did big mistake by breaking our mistake, now I understand Lord did favor on me, I never loved you, I just respected you a lot. She cries and says I was marrying you as I respected you, don’t know how I fell in love with the one I hated the most, Bihaan is your younger brother, his thinking, goodness is greater than you, Bihaan did not cheat us, Maa told him to do that, he broke our relation to keep his relation with Maa, you have ruined all relations, your mind has dirt, Bihaan can be stepson, but this son has turned to be a snake. Dhruv looks on shocked.

Dhruv says I will see how Bihaan and Thapki get married, how you take seven round with Bihaan. She accepts his challenge and says I will marry him infront of you.

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