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Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts off with Dhruv declaring he can’t marry now, as he has A great deal work to accomplish. Vasundara smiles and claims he can perform operate following marriage and all his existence. Thapki is ideal for him and she’ll comprehensive this family members, Fortunate male will get her as his wife, so Imagine nicely and judge. Dhruv smiles. Thapki reveals her dresses and Aditi and Poonam tend not to like it. Thapki states I don’t have any more attire. Krishnakant asks her to obtain a Specific gown to the party. He states we will Select purchasing.

Bau ji is annoyed with Dhruv. Dadi concerns have food and scolds Vasundara for serving her scorching roti. Suman and Rachna smile. Vasundara offers her amazing roti. Dadi scolds her for offering cool roti. Vasundara gives her roti pot and asks her to get anything. Bihaan comes and Bau ji asks him to hitch them. Bihaan retains Dhruv’s chair and Vasundara stops him from sitting down on it. Bihaan suggests I am aware Maa, I can’t acquire Dhruv’s place even by blunder, I arrived to get this stool. Bau ji asks him to sit by his aspect.

Bau ji asks his nephews to present all small business paperwork to Bihaan. Vasundara sees Bau ji and Bihaan’s very good and receives sad. She thinks Bihaan is so close to him, just Thapki will provide Dhruv near him. Thapki is out on procuring together with her family members. Krishnakant asks her not to discover prices and just decide on a good dress. Thapki likes a dress and its low-priced also. She buys it. Diwakar will come there with Nimmi and her daughter. Krishnakant claims we arrived to acquire bridal gown for Thapki’s Workplace get together. Nimmi claims she came to get gown for my daughter, I got Diwakar along. Poonam claims We are going to leave.

Diwakar stops them and smiles. Thapki cries. He claims We’ll consider their feeling and do buying with them, they are also like family. Nimmi and her daughter ask for Thapki to stay and help them in deciding on the bridal gown. They see the garments. Nimmi’s daughter goes to attend phone from parlor. Diwakar asks Thapki to try it. Nimmi attempts the lahenge on Thapki. Thapki gets teary eyed. Diwakar sees the purple a single and asks her to test that a person, reminding her broken relation. Krishnakant claims he will not remain for more time, and usually takes them.

Bihaan and his friend Have a very mention Aditi scolding him, and are available to some watermelon stall. The man asks him to wait in queue and Bihaan gets angry. He retains watermelon on The person’s head and The person apologizes. Bihaan aims and shoots for the melons. Bihaan scolds him and asks him to wander away. He says they have to vacate a place and goes. Dhruv claims I m ready Workplace and sees the shirt. He recalls Thapki’s text to have colors in life.

Thapki will get Dhruv’s get in touch with and talks about perform. He asks is she coming in get together, and thinks what’s going to she take into consideration me, and asks her to come for speaking about about sting Procedure. She says I’ll arrive. Thapki tells her mothers and fathers that she’s going to go in occasion, Dhruv has some function. They request her to consider Aditi. Thapki states she has interview today, I’ll go alone. He claims fine. Diwakar hears them and ideas revenge on Thapki.

Dhruv sees Thapki and stares at her, observing her elegance. Bihaan lands in Aditi’s household to vacate their household.

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