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Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th April 2016 Written Update

Trishakti Episode from 7-9pm.

Vivaan looks around and is going out. Tejaswini stops him and asks where is he going. She asks him to drink milk and sleep. Vivaan says I don’t want that milk, I m going out. Suraj comes and says I don’t think mummy gave you permission to go out. Vivaan says no, I m going out. Suraj shouts on him and asks him to go to his room. Vivaan goes to his room. Tejaswini says I have to stop Vivaan from going outside haveli.


Everyone pray at hospital temple. Roli’s operation is done in hospital. Doctor asks nurse to inform everyone that Roli got conscious. Nurse informs this to everyone. Mata ji sends Siddhant to Roli and thanks Mata Rani.

Bihaan looks for the gun and thinks where did gun go. The girl Pinky aims gun at her forehead. Other girls play with Thapki. Suman smiles and asks Vasundara to see the girls are making Thapki and Shraddha manage them by all efforts. Shraddha shows makeup to the girls and asks them to just see it. The girls say we will do makeup to you. Shraddha gets angry and stops seeing Vasundara. She thinks to control and asks the girls not to make her lose. The girls insists. Shraddha scolds them. Vasundara thinks Shraddha can’t pass a day without getting angry. Shraddha says fine, do my makeup if you want. The girl says I will make you ready as a doll. The girls do makeup to Shraddha and make her horrible. Pinky plays with shadows and poses with gun.


Chakor is sad and recalls Imli’s words. Kasturi asks Chakor where is Imli, I made her fav brinjal dish. Chakor cries and says Imli will not come. Kasturi asks why, did she not get freedom, Bhaiya ji denied his promise right. Chakor says he has let Imli free. Kasturi says then why did Imli not come, she got freedom and should dance happily. Chakor says she does not want freedom, she wants to live as bandhua. Kasturi gets shocked. Chakor cries.

Kasturi says no, this can’t happen, you lost the race for Imli, what am I seeing all this. Chakor says I broke down, my own sister failed me. She cries in Kasturi’s lap. Kasturi asks her to get up, and not cry, if you lose, what will we do, you are our strength, tomorrow is new day, everything will be fine. She hugs Chakor.

Siddhant comes in ward and sees Roli. They hold hands. He cries. She asks him is he crying. He says no. she says I know why you are crying, you thought I left you and you can get my sautan, I will leave. He asks her not to say nonsense, just say what I want to hear. She says Roli will never leave Siddhant. She cries.

He asks her not to leave him, as she is his heartbeat, if anything happened to her, don’t know what would happen to him, when she opened eyes, he got his breath back, don’t leave this hand and support. She says I have hurt you. He says a lot, don’t worry, get fine and come home, then I will take revenge from you. They smile.

Everyone come there. Mata ji thanks Mata Rani that Roli is fine. Roli smiles seeing them and asks where is Simar. They all look on. Siddhant says Simar is doing formalities at reception. Roli says you are lying. Doctor asks Prem to come out with him. Prem goes. Mata ji worries for Simar, and asks Siddhant to be with Roli. She goes out with everyone. Roli asks why did everyone go out. Doctor says Simar needs one more surgery. Prem asks him to do surgery and save her. Doctor says there is a problem, we can’t guarantee that Simar will be saved after this surgery.

Vivaan asks Ranjana to open the door, he has to meet Chakor. Ranjana cries. Tejaswini stops Ranjana and says you are doing big mistake. Vivaan knocks door and asks Ranjana to help him. Ranjana goes. He asks her to come back, where is she going leaving him. He gets restless. Chakor comes to meet Vivaan and sees the window sealed. She knocks on window and calls his name. Vivaan goes on and opens the door. They smile seeing each other.

Prem asks doctor how can you not give guarantee like this. Doctor says her body is very weak now, if she does not come to senses after surgery, it will be dangerous, she can slip in coma or die too, survival chances are very less. They all get shocked. Mata ji cries and asks him not to say this. Doctor asks them to take decision. Prem recalls Simar’s words.

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Written Update by Amena

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