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Thapki Pyaar Ki 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Thapki planning for the party. Bihaan wakes up and sees her noting all the things. Thapki feels sleepy. He goes out. Aditi asks Krishnakant why did he do this. Krishnakant and Poonam say we are helpless because of you, you married Diwakar, they ruined our house and respect. Krishnakant says we are helpless that we are her parents. Aditi cries. He asks why did she do this being mature and brave. Aditi says I was helpless. He asks what. She says nothing. He says I have seen you breaking when Diwakar insulted us, tell me what was the matter. Aditi says he blackmailed me that he will ruin our respect. They get shocked.

Bihaan gets food for Thapki and asks her to have it. she says I m not hungry, sorry. He says your face shows you are hungry, you are taking less time in much time, have food. She says I told you… he says that its your fast, but see its past 12, fast is over, have food, I will do this work. She eats food. He makes the guest list. Music plays……………..

She says I had food, I will finish the work. He asks her to wind up soon and switch off the lights. He goes to sleep and says just 10mins, I m saying as you are ill. She says let me work. He sleeps.

Krishnakant asks how dare Diwakar do this, I will not leave him. Diwakar comes there and asks what will you do, I m infront of you, beat me. Krishnakant holds his collar and scolds him. He says I will call police. Diwakar asks what will you tell police, what did I do, Aditi did court marriage with me, what proof you have that I forced her to marry me, laws can’t do anything now, Aditi ruined the only proof. He asks them to continue crying but lower the volume. He goes to sleep. Aditi apologizes to them. Poonam hugs her. Krishnakant says we should be sorry, now we know the truth, we will not be quiet, we will give an answer to Diwakar.

Its morning, Thapki and Bihaan do arrangements. He asks her not to worry, he did everything. Dadi and Bau ji praise Thapki. Vasundara and Shraddha come. Suman and Preeti like the decorations and take elder’s blessings. They thank Thapki. Thapki says I have special gifts for you. She gets the hair oil and face packs, which she made especially by them. Vasundara gets an idea and signs Shraddha. The cake comes. Thapki gives clothes to Sanjay and Ashwin. They also thank Thapki for doing so much.

Shraddha gets some liquid and shows Vasundara. Suman and Preeti cry and say we are very happy, no one threw surprise party for us. They thank and hug Thapki. Vasundara says cake will also be good, lets see it. They like the cake. Shraddha adds that liquid in hair oil and face pack, while everyone is busy seeing the cake.

The delivery guy gets the gifts. Thapki asks Bihaan to help them, and sees Bihaan went on call. She asks Sanjay and Ashwin to help the delivery boy who got the gifts. They say sure and go to take the gifts. Shraddha fills Preeti and Suman’s ears saying Thapki is treating your husbands like servants, see there. Preeti says if mind and heart are bad, thinking is also bad, like yours. Suman says our husbands are sons of this house, what’s wrong if they work. They taunt Shraddha. Thapki asks them to come and get that hair oil and face pack applied. Shraddha smiles.

Thapki applies hair oil to Preeti. Preeti says my hair will shine. Suman applies face pack. Preeti says we did so much wrong with you Thapki, even then you organized awesome party for us, forgive us regarding us your elder sisters, sorry. Suman says yes, forgive us. Thapki says I respect and love you both, what did you decide to wear. Preeti says I will wear my costly saree. Suman says I will wear my best saree, and look best. Shraddha and Vasundara look on. Shraddha says they won’t see their faces. Vasundara says blame will come on Thaoki, then see how Preeti and Suman hate this Thapki. They smile.

Sanjay and Ashwin praise Thapki for managing surprise and making them feel special. Vasundara comes and says I got a gift for you, I booked spa treatment, go and get ready well, become hero and come in party. She sends them and takes the shopping bags. Shraddha replaces the clothes boxes. Thapki comes there to keep makeup items and sees them. Shraddha gets shocked.

Thapki, Shraddha, Suman and Preeti dance on the song Prem ratan….. Shraddha cools the snacks to flop Thapki’s plans. Bihaan confronts her.

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