Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th September 2016 Written Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update

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Thapki Pyaar Ki 7th September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kosi signing Naman to see Dadi coming. She comes infront of Preeti to block the sight. Naman asks Kosi to go and do the imp work. Thapki walks to that side, where Dadi is coming. Kosi calls Thapki and sends her to check if anything fell down. Thapki goes to the temple and keeps the vase back. Dadi smiles seeing Thapki. Kosi ties Dadi’s mouth with the cloth and pulls her back. She threatens Dadi and takes her away. She ties Dadi back in the old room and asks her not to try to run away, else we will kill you. Dadi says let me reach my home, then see what I do. Kosi laughs and says you are challenging me, I love challenge, my father challenged my mum that it will be a son, but I was born, I will win even this time.

She says I will take you to Ganesh aarti at your home, Thapki is going to die, you see her for the last time. Dadi smiles and says you are mistaken, my Thapki is Lord’s favorite, my Ganesh ji will not let anything happen to her. Kosi says challenge again, fine I will see who saves Thapki this time, Thapki herself, you or Ganesh ji. She leaves.

Naman tells Kosi that its 5pm and everything is ready. She checks the ice knife and says you take everyone to hall, I will see Thapki, it will be first time a saas will do this with bahu. Kosi goes to Thapki. She takes the ice knife to throw at her. She aims at Thapki and throws the knife. Wind blows. Thapki sees the diya flickering and goes to save the diya flame. The ice knife falls outside. Kosi gets angry and hides. She says this time you got saved, but not next time. Thapki comes out to see and does not see anyone.

Naman thinks Thapki would have died till now, I will give them kulfis and see Thapki. He asks Sankara to give kulfi to everyone, I will go to kitchen. Sankara gives kulfi to everyone. She says have it, Kosi makes good kulfis. She eats kulfi and says its good. Vasundara asks for Thapki. Preeti says she went to her room, she will come, kulfi is awesome, have it. Kosi hides and thinks how will Thapki get saved this time. She goes to stab Thapki. Naman comes and stops Kosi. Thapki turns and does not see them. She goes. Kosi asks why did you stop me. He says now there is just one ice knife, we will kill her when everyone is busy in aarti. She asks how. He tells his plan. She asks him to do arrangements, I challenged Dadi, I will get Dadi and show how Thapki dies.

Bihaan says where is Thapki, everyone had kulfi. Thapki comes and asks what happened. He says you insulted my Maa who made kulfi by hardwork, you wanted to avoid this and did not come, its melting. She says no, you are misunderstanding, I was coming to have this. She eats kulfi. He says you do what you want and leaves.

Kosi gets Dadi by tying her and putting ghunghat on her face. Thapki asks who is she. Kosi says Dadi, I mean like your Dadi, she is my Kaki, I got her here so that she can attend Ganesh puja, did I go right. Vasundara says yes, we will feel our Maa ji has come. Suman asks why is she not speaking. Kosi says she is deaf and mute, she just moves her head. Preeti says she can remove her ghunghat. Kosi says she is of old traditions and will move ghunghat just infront of Lord. She takes Dadi. Thapki asks her to be careful and holds Dadi. Kosi asks Dadi not to move like mad and takes her. She makes Dadi see Ganesh idol. She says I told you I will win challenge, see I won, now you will see how Thapki goes to heaven. Dadi cries. Naman ties the ice knife to the rope and hangs it over Thapki’s head, and thinks when aarti starts, this will fall over Thapki, and then she will die.

Kosi asks Thapki to do the aarti. Thapki does the aarti. Kosi signs Naman. He opens the ropes to make the knife fall over Thapki. Dadi struggles and gets worried.

Naman opens the rope and the knife falls down. Thapki is still doing aarti.

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