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Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Thapki putting water over her head. Dadi stops her. She says pandit said non veg came inside home, so puja will happen outside first, then Shuddikaran will be done. She asks Suman and Preeti to prepare for puja. Shraddha is angry and thinks she hates such oldies. Diwakar and his parents taunt Krishnakant. He says his parents came to stay here for 2 years. Aditi asks are you mad. Diwakar says I will send them to hotel if Krishnakant says. Krishnakant says sometimes we have to agree against wish. Diwakar asks Poonam to make breakfast. Aditi feels sad. Diwakar says I will make them dance on my tune.

Vasundara’s slipper breaks. She calls Bihaan. She asks Bihaan to get slipper repaired. He says I will get new one Maa. Thapki takes water bucket. He says I will take it. She says its fine, I will do my work. He goes. Shraddha looks on. Some water falls on the floor. Vasundara walks there. Shraddha worries and pulls Vasundara. Vasundara asks what happened. Shraddha says there is water. Vasundara says its just water. Shraddha says you will slip and get hurt. She hugs Vasundara. Dadi calls Vasundara. Shraddha cleans the chemical water by a cloth and sees the floor color damaged. She thinks what to do and puts a carpet over it.

The pandit does the puja. Bihaan makes Vasundara wear the new slipper. Pandit says puja got complete, now Thapki should do Shuddikaran with this gangajal water. Shraddha smiles and thinks Dhruv will forget you Thapki. Thapki lifts bucket to pour water. Ram pyaari comes there and Thapki stops. Vasundara says Bihaan will get Ram pyaari after Shuddikaran. Pandit says no one should be inside house, not even a goat at the time of Shuddikaran. Bihaan says fine, I will get Ram pyaari. He goes and takes Ram pyaari from Dhruv’s room, he gets the chemical bottle and recalls Shraddha.

He says did Shraddha add this chemical in Gangajal, no she can’t fall so much, if she really added this, how can I blame her without proof. He takes Ram pyaari and comes out. Shraddha thinks did Bihaan sleep inside, idiot, I wish to put that chemical on Thapki. Bihaan throws color patch which looks like egg cover. He throws on Shraddha’s head and comes down. Shraddha says now Thapki can do Shuddhirakan. Bihaan says wait, whats this on your head. He says its egg cover. Shraddha says no, its something else, Thapki is waiting, let her bath with Gangajal. He says no, its some pigeon’s egg, check Bau ji. He says Shraddha can also get Shuddikaran, as pandit and gangajal are here. Dadi says yes, its needed. Shraddha gets shocked. Bau ji says yes Shraddha, you also put this Gangajal. Shraddha asks whats the need. Vasundara says its needed, rules are same for everyone, its gangajal, whats the problem.

Dadi asks pandit to do Shraddha’s shuddikaran too. Bihaan says now I will know the truth, if Shraddha added harmful chemicals, she will not put water on her. Pandit does puja and asks Shraddha to out gangajal on herself now. She gets trapped. Shraddha asks Thapki to do first. Bihaan says no, you are elder. Dadi says yes, you are Jethani. Shraddha says but… Bihaan says I will help. Shraddha says no Bihaan…. and gets tensed.

Bihaan puts water on her face, and she screams. They all get shocked seeing her. Bihaan says it means she did not add anything, I just doubted her, she is fine. Dadi asks Shraddha why is she shouting like this. Shraddha says I take bath by warm water, its cold water and I screamed. Dadi says fine, now come here, Thapki will do Shuddikaran. Shraddha looks at the water. Thapki puts water on herself and does Shuddikaran. Pandit says your both bahus and house’s shuddikaran is done. Shraddha thinks how did this happen, I added chemical in it.

Shraddha thinks I added strong chemical, why did anyone not happen to me and Thapki. Vasundara comes and says that gangajal did not have any chemical. She slaps Shraddha angrily.

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