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Thapki Pyaar Ki 6th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki watch online

The Episode starts with Dadi and Suman scolding Shraddha. Vasundara makes Suman quiet. Shraddha apologizes. Dadi says you did not get shivling, its good Thapki and Bihaan made us do puja and saved our respect. Bau ji says let it be, come. Vasundara shouts and sends Suman. Shraddha asks Vasundara to see they are making big issue of small thing. Vasundara scolds Shraddha and says we have to bend our necks infront of Thapki, your small mistake gave chance to Thapki to make place in everyone’s heart, I m forgiving this mistake for the first and last time, don’t do any mistake, I will kick out Thapki forever. She goes. Shraddha fumes as Vasundara has scolded her because of Thapki.

Thapki gives Prasad to Bihaan. She says I had to thank you, you made shivling for me and I could do puja. He asks why do you think I did this for you, no way, I did this to save my respect, you are my wife infront of the world, if everyone see Bihaan’s wife keeping sandals, what would be my respect, think. Bau ji comes there and thanks Bihaan for doing all this. He gives him English dictionary. and says you asked this from me some time before. Bihaan asks did you remember this. Bau ji says yes, you forgot I fought with family for your happiness, I m alive because of you, else I would have died that day. Bihaan says don’t say this, I remember everything, you gave me name, home, and this big happiness. Thapki looks on. Bihaan says I can’t get away from you, I m out of house, but I did not leave house, we are staying in stable so that we can see you always, know your welfare. Bau ji goes. Bihaan cries and touches the ground place where Bau ji stood. Thapki looks on and cries.

Thapki asks Bihaan what is this. Bihaan says I wanted an English dictionary to learn English, and asked Bau ji for this. She asks why is he trying, he can’t learn. He says why, I can learn English. He says I will do, you see one day. She smiles diverting his mind and cheering him.

Poonam asks Aditi to come. Aditi rushes somewhere. Krishnakant asks Poonam where did Aditi go. Poonam says I don’t know. Shraddha acts seeing Dhruv and pretends to be dizzy. Dhruv rushes and holds her, and asks what happened. He makes her sit. She says I did not eat anything, I m repenting, I have hurt everyone. He says you realized your mistake, that’s more than enough, no need to stay hungry. He gets juice and makes her drink. He asks are you feeling better. She says yes, thanks. He asks her to have food on time, take care and goes to office. She smiles and says Dhruv, you are too good, your goodness will get you close to me, you just see. Aditi comes back and adds some bhaang powder in Prasad. She says I want to end Diwakar’s game forever this time. Krishnakant says bhaang is bad, one loses senses. Aditi says yes, I want Diwakar to speak out the truth infront of constable, and then his game will end. She smiles.

Its night, Bihaan and Thapki are sleeping keeping good distance. She coughs and drinks some water. She hears Bihaan murmuring, saying I don’t want to go away from Bau ji. She asks what happened Bihaan, is everything fine. He holds her hand. She says this is my hand, leave me. He says no Bau ji, you will also leave me. She asks him to leave her hand. He refuses and holds her hand in sleep. She feels sleepy and sits by his side. Na na na na ………….plays…………. She falls asleep.

Its morning, Thapki and Bihaan wake up and get shocked seeing each other. He asks why did she sleep near him, and she asks the same. He says you took seriously when I called you my wife. She says you held my hand and was murmuring, I was tired too and slept here. He asks did I say about Katrina. She tells what all he said. He murmurs that his habit will some day get him stuck. She asks did he start murmuring now. She says I will go and get items, else you will forget. He asks do you have money, and gives her money, saying if it gets less, take my name there. She thanks him.

Thapki takes bath and comes out. She sees her bags and belongings outside the stable. She says how did this come here, who got this out. Vasundara says I did, I had no other way, I gave this stable to gardener, you both were staying here for free. Thapki asks where will we go. Vasundara says get lost, if you have to stay here, you have to give money, go and earn money, then you will value other’s money, you can earn here also, we need a maid here in Pandey Nivaas, there is maid vacancy. Thapki cries.

Shraddha is happy that Thapki will become maid, and Vasundara says no girl can bear so much insult. They both get shocked seeing Thapki come as maid.

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